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Principal Paul

Dear Switlik families,

I am truly honored and proud to serve as your principal. Despite the challenging circumstances we faced this year, our staff worked very hard to provide a supportive learning environment where students learn and thrive. This simply wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of parents, our SAC/PTO, and community. Thank you for all you do. A big shout out goes to our students who managed to navigate the myriad of changes with ease and flexibility. They have brought us tremendous joy and the constant reminder of what matters most in life.

The monthly themes of friendship, hope, confidence, courage, and belonging helped provide a common vision and establish a shared bond. It is my hope that these virtues will form a solid foundation and build strength in character that will continue to serve your child well into the future.

May your children enjoy this last week of school and look forward to next year.

Have a wonderful summer!


Mrs. Paul


  • 5/24: Superintendent's Ultimate Reader Awards (link TBA)
  • 5/25: 100 AR Point Yacht Club Luncheon
  • 5/28: Last Day of School/Early Release/Switty's (link TBA)
  • The office opens at 8:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm daily.
  • Parent Conferences: No amount of digital communication can replace a phone/video call or in-person meeting. Please feel free to schedule a parent conference with your teacher as you feel fit.
  • Help us by filling out a lunch application!

  • Please take the Title I Survey!
  • Be mindful at parent pick-up and drop-off in order to keep traffic flowing. Use of cell phones in school parking lots are prohibited by law.
  • To visit the school for any reason, Mrs. Paul/Ms. Adams must approve in advance.

Wash your hands, keep your distance, wear your mask, and stay healthy.

We love you and plan to keep school open!

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Counselor's Corner

Check out Mr. Willis in the latest edition of the Weekly!


If you or your business would like to sponsor our PBIS program please contact Chris Willis at 305-289-2490 ext. 59316. Thanks!

SEL Song of the Week Have a Wonderful Summer
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End of School Year Happenings

Nurse's Notes

The end of the school year is almost here! We ask that you please continue to follow the school guidelines regarding illness. If your child is sick with anything please keep him or her home. Persons having symptoms of: fever, shortness of breath, new or worsening cough, congestion, diarrhea, nausea/ vomiting, body aches, chills, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste/ smell, headache and not evaluated by a provider must follow CDC guidelines and remain home for 10 days since symptoms first appeared. Seeing a medical provider for evaluation can shorten this duration with documentation of when to return. If someone in the household is ill and being COVID tested, all other children should stay home and await guidance by the medical provider.

Thank you!

Cafeteria Menus

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Asst. Principal Adams


Fourth grade students celebrated the end of the school year with a field day at the Marathon Community Park. I wrapped up the event by teaching students Yoga. Students focused on breath, movement, gratitude, and self-care. They loved the session and many plan to practice on their own.

Being mindful means focusing on the present moment without judgement. There are many practices for mindfulness including journaling about gratitude daily, meditation, and yoga. These practices decrease stress and increase attention and thoughtfulness.

Families that are mindful-

  1. Embrace imperfection
  2. Listen with curiosity
  3. Communicate courageously
  4. Practice appreciation and gratitude
  5. Practice forgiveness of self and each other
  6. Practice support and generosity
  7. Remember to play and have fun

As summer begins, I hope you will continue to grow the seed of being mindful: write down the great parts of your day, be still in the moment and look around at all the beauty in our surroundings, practice deep breathing, try some online meditation or yoga, let go of the past to embrace the present, etc, etc. Please see a few resources which support these findings and contain some activities to try at home.

It has been a joy to serve our students and staff this year and I really look forward to next school year!

Ms. Adams

Our Monthly Social Emotional Learning focus is BELONGING


Identifying as a needed, loved, and respected member of one’s family, community, and world

We have put a lot more emphasis on Social Emotional Learning(SEL) this school year as our Mental Health must be a priority. Our last SEL Monthly Theme is belonging.

The Belonging Project at Stanford University in 2017 revealed that through families, culture groups and communities, children who feel a sense of belonging are more likely to have positive health outcomes. “A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all people,” says author and professor, Brené Brown. “When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to.”

Belonging refers to the individual’s connection to a social and emotional community. By sharing our inner voice with one another, we create a community of openness and respect. By listening to one another, we learn tolerance and creativity. Young people flourish when they feel safe and necessary. The classroom and home should be places for comfort and growth, assuring stability while encouraging them to take risks.

Here is a quick read with three ways to instill a deep sense of belonging in children: