Child Abuse

United States & South Africa

Child abuse violating human rights

Child abuse is one issue that violates human rights according to article #5 from Universal Declaration of Human Rights because everyone deserves to be treated fairly. It occurs when a child is being physically, mentally, or sexually abused by an adult or anybody. This is violating human rights because it is affecting children in the U.S and across South Africa & it's a problem because child abuse is spreading across the world & it's changing a child's way of living. Children can become abusers like others that abused them. Children who are being abused by their parents are likely to just avoid getting hit, not how to behave. Signs of an abused child would be Bruces, Injuries, fearful, bad hygiene, late or missing school , running away from home, trouble with talking to others, or hurting themselves. Sometimes, children who can't handle being abused anymore leads them to suicide.

What is being done?

Many people are joining these organizations to help their community to stop child abuse and heal these abused children. People who are signing up are also donating to these organizations to raise enough money to help other children across the world. People in the community agree to what these organizations are doing because they help prevent the violence causing people to abuse children. Families that have come from these organizations have resulted with positive thoughts and acts, including the children.

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This source helped me because it is an organization helping children move on when they were abused. It provides family support, education for these children who were abused and counseling to help children not feel alone.

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This source helped me because it helps bring people together to work as a team to stop child abuse across the world. It includes activities for children to do to stay away from the violence and to not learn from it so that they wont become abusers to others.

Child Abuse Prevention Association

This organization "C.A.P.A" provides counselling for abused children so that they wont have to face these challenges alone. This organization also provides family support to help family members solve child abuse so that they can stop being abusers. They provide education for these children who stooped going to school because of abuse.