KU Klux Klan


who were they?

They were a klan in 1866 after the civil war that was started by generals in the war in the south and killed slaves that had been freed and tried stopping them and republicans from voting. And they were also considered a terrorist group at the time, because of all the deaths they caused.

Importance at the time?

They were a racist terrorist klan who weakened political power of the southern blacks and republicans because they didnt want the blacks voting. They punished new freed slaves. And tried to stop republic voters in the south. They killed lots of people who were gonna vote for the republicans. There was about 2000 reported deaths of the republican voters

Importance today?

They're still around today, but there is very few of them. They still make a big impact on how blacks are treated and racism.

Why they started it?

They started it to get revenge on the freed slaves after the civil war, because they thought that slaves and blacks didn't deserve to get treated the same as them. And they wanted to kill them and harass them.

Who started it and where?

The Ku Klux Klan was started by a group of confederate troops that wanted to get revenge on blacks. And it was started in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866
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