Mrs. G's Classroom News

September 25, 2015

Classroom Management

We had another great week! Not one student has had to change their card or receive a negative Class Dojo point! Students are following directions, participating often and seem happy happy happy! I'm pretty happy as well!

World Language is being offered to all students at Hornung starting next week. We will have our first experience with our new Spanish teacher on Monday. We are looking forward to it! I will be joining students in this class and will learn right along with them! We will have Spanish class every fourth day.

Our school had our first lock-down drill on Thursday. Everyone did fantastic! The kids know what to do if there was an emergency. Their cooperation really made the experience a positive one.

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Writing Workshop

We have chosen our favorite stories to take through the writing process and publish. We have used a story mountain graphic organizer to make sure our narrative has a beginning, middle and end. We have also started a time line so our stories will be written in order. Soon students will start their rough drafts and learn how to revise and edit! These narratives will be great and I look forward to making a class book of all the published pieces.

Reading Workshop

We have read a lot this week! We have started to log our reading on the online reading community called I encourage you to take a look at this website and if your child does any reading at home have them log that as well. The kids like seeing their progress and adding books to their virtual shelf is motivating! Please don't allow your child to put books on this program that he/she has not read recently. We want to really see what we can accomplish in real time during this third grade school year!

I have been reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" as a mentor text and the kids love this book! We have started to really get to know the main character. Strategies I have demonstrated using this book this week have been: what to do if we get confused in a particular part of a story, what to do if we come across a word we can not pronounce and what to do if we come across a word we don't know the meaning. Ask your child what my all time favorite reading strategy is. They should know it is to RE-READ!!!

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Word Work

We learned about long vowel sounds this week and played some pretty fun spelling games at I sent home a sheet that had all spelling words for every unit that will be helpful for you at home. I suggest keeping it in a safe place that can be looked at each week. Our goal is to have students take the test once a week, usually on Friday. As students become more aware of what type of speller they are they can take the test when they feel they are ready. Some will take it earlier and begin the next unit, some will take it later when they know they are ready to be tested.


Most of Unit 1 has been a review for third graders and has shown students how the Every Day Math program works. This week we were reminded how to use a calculator, what place value is, what the greater than and less than symbols are and how to count money. We plan on taking the Unit 1 test at the end of next week. A study guide will come home with your child to help them prepare. Games your child can play at home on to reinforce what we have done in class would be: Name that Number, Coin Top it and the Number Grid Difference game.

Social Studies

Students have learned about Michigan Geography this week. Knowing that our community is a small place inside of a county, state, country, continent and planet has been one of our topics discussed. We also learned about absolute and relative location using Google Earth. Everyone wanted to try to find their house using this great app! We also reviewed North, South, West and East directions.
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