News and Notes

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Upcoming in the media center...

I can't believe how rapidly this school year is progressing! Below are some important dates for you to add to your calendar.

  • May 6 - Last week for scheduled instructional classes in the media center
  • May 17 - All student materials due
  • May 17-19 - SC Book Festival
  • May 20 - Faculty circulation of materials ends
  • May 30 - Students' last day

We will begin sending final student overdue notices after school on May 17. We will also send teachers a list of the materials that are checked out to them. Please stop by the media center if you have questions.

SC Junior Book Award Nominees

The SC Association of School Librarians sponsors a yearly book award program whose purpose is to encourage our students to read good quality contemporary literature and to honor the authors of the books annually chosen the favorites by student vote. If you are looking for good books to recommend to your students, this is the list to do it!

There are categories for picture books, children's books, junior and young adult. We generally purchase all of the junior titles, plus select titles from both the children's and young adult lists. If you are looking for something to read this summer, why not give these titles a try?

Here is a link to the SCASL webpage and the 2013-2014 nominees.

Book Order

I will be compiling a library material order over the summer. I will be ordering both fiction and nonfiction titles, as well as some audio/visuals. Please carefully consider the materials you used this year, or those that you WISH you could have used...if we had them. Please submit your requests by email.