Glenside Future Problem Solvers

Coaches: Mrs. Pasternack & Mrs. Rickel

Next meeting: Jan 13

We will be meeting at 8:00 am on January 13th in the library.

District Problem Solving Bowl will be on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As we get closer to the date, we will let you know the time of the bowl. Parents attend the award ceremony which occurs in the evening.

What the students will be doing this week

The FPS students will be reading through a sample Future Scene related to the topic The Global Workplace. The Future Scene is a scenario set in the future that describes a situation and sets the parameters. The students will be asked to identify the sample Future Scene parameters (topic, place and time). Together, we will read the future scene at least twice. On the second reading, we will ask the students to highlight or underline sentences that give them an idea for a possible challenge. A challenge is an issue, concern, or problem in the Future Scene that needs attention. The students need to explain what the challenge is, why it is a challenge and how it logically relates to the Future Scene.

Who moved my cheese? Full Movie

How can Parents help?

Please continue discussing the topic The Global Workplace with your child. This is the topic that we will be discussing in FPS during the months of January and February.

If you have time, have your child watch the video above Who Moved My Cheese?

Change in the workplace is happening quickly. The five primary forces that are affecting this change are (kind of) touched on in the video.

Place: Employees will work from their homes, the airport, client sites, and serviced offices. Workspaces will be places for creativity and collaboration. The business world is quickly moving away from fixed desks and formal meeting rooms.

People: It is important that employees feel happy, important, and valued in the workplace. Organizations need to provide flexible working environments that engage the workers.

Transport: Research shows that a long commute to work increases stress levels. Commutes also waste time, energy, and productivity. Businesses need to offer flexible work hours or locations as alternatives to their employees.

Technology: Technology is responsible for a high level of productivity. Allowing workers to bring their own technology to work provides a sense of comfort. New technology will increase productivity.

Culture: It is important for employers to maintain a sense of trust in their employees. Without trust, flexibility cannot be maintained. Transparency and vulnerability are two main components of a healthy workplace, and both rely on trust to promote a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Six-Steps to Problem Solving

1. Identify Challenges to the topic or Future Scene.

2. Select an Underlying Problem.

3. Produce Solution Ideas to the Underlying Problem.

4. Generate and Select Criteria to Evaluate Solution Ideas.

5. Apply Criteria to Solution Ideas.

6. Develop an Action Plan.