Glacier National Park

By Kelsey and Griffin

About Glacier

Glacier is located in Montana U.S.A. It’s on the Canadian border, East Washington State. It is in the Northern region of the United States.

The weather in the winter at Glacier is between 20º-40º fahrenheit, and when it’s the summer it’s between 70º-80º fahrenheit. Some landforms and waterways are (landforms): Heavens Peak and Mount Brown (waterways): Lake McDonald and Avalanche Lake. There are many wonderful plants and trees but we can only name a few. Some plants are Glacier Lilies and Bear Grass , one common tree is a Pine Tree.

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About Glacier by Deerfield School

How Glacier Mountains Formed

When Glacier mountains formed they started with just a plain old flat surface with grass and dirt , also with two techtonic plates underground. The plates were separated next to each other until one plate started to go under the other plate, having the plates start to form a mountain. It took a couple of days for the mountain to form fully. After the plates did their job others did theirs, by making other mountains. And that is how Glacier National Park was formed.

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How Glacier mountains formed by Deerfield School

Interesting Facts

  • American Indians lived in Glacier for more than 10,000 years

  • Has over 300 Grizzly Bears

  • More than 1,800 different kinds of flowers grow

  • There are 25 different types of trees

  • European Americans came to the area in the 1800’s