Technology News

May Update

Hi Q300 Families,

First off, I'd like to thank you for the teacher appreciation Padlet you made for me! It brought such a smile to my face. I truly enjoyed reading your messages so thank you!

Second, with remote learning in full swing, I wanted to clarify a few things that may have caused some confusion in regards to my class.

  • When remote learning first began, I was only using my website to communicate assignments.
  • After receiving feedback from students and parents, I began using google classroom in addition to my website. Now, each Monday I add assignments to my website and google classroom. You may choose which platform to use.
  • When I first started using google classroom, I only created one class for grades K-4. This did not work out well so I created 5 classes -- one for each grade. When that happened, some students who joined the first class were removed because that is now dedicated to 4th grade only. Confusing, I know. Apologies for that but I'm pretty sure it should be smooth sailing moving forward.
  • There are many children who have not joined my class on google classroom. Even though students can still use the website, it would be helpful for them to be a part of the class. That way, they can turn in assignments independently and chat with me if they need help. You will find direct links to the classes below. Please make sure your child has joined.

I also wanted to update you on my thoughts about "going live". I will offer occasional live learning sessions (which will be posted on google classroom) but I cannot commit to a regularly scheduled time at this moment. If your child needs assistance with something specific, I'd be happy to meet with them one-on-one. Just email me and we can set it up!

These past weeks have been an unprecedented time in all of our lives. During this uncertain time, it is critical that we stay connected and have open communication about how you are doing and how our supports are working for you. Please know that whatever you are doing right now is the right thing for yourself and your child(ren). You are now playing the role of administrator, educator, facilitator, and coach for student learning. If you need anything, we are here for you! Please reach out.



Kindergarten Google Classroom Code: f2tpbfp

1st Grade Google Classroom Code: 3f7cc6x

2nd Grade Google Classroom Code: kt2wp4e

3rd Grade Google Classroom Code: ttbotla

4th Grade Google Classroom Code: mrwetnb