Lauren Milani

You're Not The Only One!

The person I interviewd for this project was my mother, Ellen Carpenter.

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What years were you in middle school?

"I was in middle school from 1986-1989."
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This is my mother and her best friend in Mr. Thompson's room(115).

What kinds of movies, music, and fashions were popular at the time?

"When I was in middle school, some of the most popular movies were Back to the Future 2, The Princess Bride, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The musicians that were popular at this time were Madonna, The Police, and Salt n Pepa. The Fashions that were popular at this time were big hair, tight jeans, and anything neon!"

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interest?

"I was very active growing up, so in middle school, I played many sports such as softball and basketball. I also did dance. I didn't just play sports though. Just like any other normal middle school student, I enjoyed hanging out with friends."

What jobs/interests/activities do you have now? Is there a connection between what you liked back then and what you enjoy now?

"I loved sports as a child and when I got the opportunity to coach as an adult, I couldn't pass it up."
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What was the best part about being in middle school?

"The best part about transitioning from elementary to middle school was being able to make new friends since there was a bigger group or people my age, I got to make new friends."

What was the worst part?

"The worst part about middle school was the homework got harder and you had much more responsibility."

How would you decribe you middle school self?

" While in middle school, I was funny and I was able to make friends with anybody."

I feel that these two traits helped her through middle school because she was able to develop good relationships with her peers and was able to have a good time.

What advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

"Do not be afraid to try anything!" I thing this is excellent advice because many of the kids my age are unsure about their decisions. This advice tells children that it is good to try new things.

What types of pets (if any) did you have growing up? What were their names?

" I had a German shepherd-collie mix named Brandy. We used to just let her out and she would come back at night. Sometimes we would even see her at school, but she would always come home at the end of the day."
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Volleyball is our favorite sport. Did you play volleyball when you were my age?

" No, I did not play volleyball until high school. I did participate in other sports such as basketball, softball, and dance."
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My mother had many interesting answers to my questions and I feel this project allowed me to learn more about my her than I had previously known.