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Norfolk Junior High

By Bryan Martinez

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Boy Burns Toe in Alley

On a mid-summers day on a Thursday a terrible tradegy happened in Dinsille, North Dakota. A group of kids were playing a dangerous game of jump the candle. The group of kids were daring anybody to jump a candle. Among the kids, there was a 10-yea- old that got choose to jump the candle. The boy took the dare and was getting ready to jump the candle. As the kids in the alley cheered him on, he was getting anxious and ran towards the candle. The kids were cheering this little tune "Jack be nimble, Jack be numble, Jack be quick. Jack jump over the candle stick." As Jack jumped, the wind picked up and the fire started twisting and turning. Jack jumped too low and the fire caught his toe. One of the kids called his parents, Bob and Mary Dores. The parents were worried and quickly ran towards their son’s rescue. They told the kids to back off and they took Jack to the hospital to get checked out. He was in the hospital for three days before he could go home to rest. They got Jim on the 4th day in the mid-morning on Sunday. The police went to check out the kids in the alley the next day, and found out they were all just orphans looking for a home. They had been living there for several weeks because their parents abounded them. They apologized for daring Jack to jump the candle. They were then taken to a foster home. Jack’s toe was cured and he learned his lessonof never taking a dangerous dare ever again.


Although it would seem fun to have longer days in the weekend, there is also some bad sides to the idea. If they would shorten the days of the week of school that means they would be adding extra hours to the day. Also, that means after school activities would last two hours, which means we might go home around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM, which means less time to do homework. It would be a lot harder if the family had plans after school to go somewhere. Also, that would tire out the students after school which means they would not want to do their homework.

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A long line of different breeds has gone down in history and the breeds have been growing as time passes. The earliest dogs were descended from the jackals and the wolves and since then, they lost their cunning and focused on love and affection to others and loyalness. The earliest breeds could be hundred or thousands of years old. One of the earliest breeds is the Basenji dog, which can not bark, but can still growl and whine because of their instinct. In human history the dogs were usually used for hunting, working, and as a pet. Scientists have been viewing dogs DNA and have found that dogs came from East Asia, Europe, and even China. Some scientists say they the earliest dogs were descended from the gray dogs in Mid-Eastern Asia. The dogs still have wolf like costumes like being able to eat starchy food and therefore being able to live off human trash. Once the people found out how useful dogs were, whenever they moved they took the dogs with them, which then combined the breeds and created more as


Do you like a movie suspense and a good thriller My family loves a good movie with mystery and a thriller. We've seen it before and they really liked it and I really did too. In Taken there is a CIA agent who has retired from his job and has gotten divorced, but he hasn't let go of his daughter. His daughter is planning a trip to Paris, France, but she needs a parent permission form to go. Her father hesitates, but the mother does not. His daughter convinces him on signing it and she goes off to the trip with her best friend. Once she gets to the apartment, she gets kidnapped. The daughter and the friend are terrified and afraid of what happens next. As she waits for her hero, she still has hope that her father will find her. HIs father is picking up evidence and footprints of where they might have gone to or flew to with his daughter. His father hears about it and goes off to find her. He will not stop for nothing until he finds his daughter. Will he find his daughter or not find out and see the movie? This movie will give you chills down your back as you see it.
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A 40-year-old man named Bryan Martinez went to Norfolk High and then continued until he graduated. He got a scholarship to Duke University and studied a career as a doctor. He achieved his goal and became a doctor at the age of 27-years-old. He then continued with his career for 20 years being a doctor. He got married at the age of 30 and had four kids. He moved to Arizona with his wife to live their for a while. Once he retired, he took his family on a world trip around the world to explore the sightings the world had to offer. After he came back from the trip, he got a second degree and became a teacher teaching Health. After he retired, he became a book author. He became one of the bestsellers of 2039. He then settled down with his wife and kids in a house located in Washington the age of 40 where he is now. He kept on writing stories and going on vacations every year with his wife. HIs kids then graduated when they got older and went on with their careers.

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Subway Surfers

Did you ever hear about Temple Run and liked playing? Well, Subway Surfers is the next game you won’t want to take your fingers off of. Subway Surfers is a game for all ages even for the little kids, adults, and senior citizens. The game is all about running as far as you can before getting caught by the cops. You jump on trains, run as far as you can, and jump over barriers. You get jetpacks, hoverboards, ironic jumping shoes, and get powerups. You even get gold coins and keys for survival to buy characters and new hoverboards. Every time you upgrade the app for free, you get to run over a new city all over the world. It always comes to a surprise to me the new countries they choose for the new theme of the game. As you keep running, your character starts running faster and faster causing you to keep getting new hoverboards. This game is super fun, so if you want to run yourself to freedom, run away from the police, and collect coins this is the game for you!
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