Smore and Resources I can Use


Watch free video tutorials for all your computer and gadget questions. Find a quick answer or learn something new.


Navigate games, blogs, and fun things for your children to learn and succeed

Sketch Fu

Create a drawing, save and play back as a movie of the drawing being created

DIY Chart Builder

A Web-based, simple and powerful online tool to create interactive charts and graphs from static or dynamic data which may be generated using any scripting language.

If It Were My Home

A gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use the country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another.


Online diagramming software,to easily create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floorplans, technical drawings, and more.

Education Oasis

Gum Notes

Stick your notes easily to your document. Add notes to websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and all other website-browsers.


Create books with turning pages. Create and share your own Flickr

Word It Out

Create from sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables. Display or remove words and tweak their importance with ease.
Noun Song - Have Fun Teaching

Noun Song

Teach students what nouns and how to use this with this fun song
Counting Down From Twenty Song

Counting Down from Twenty Song

Teach young students how to countdown from twenty with this fun and entertaining song.
Vowel Bat (kids song by Shari Sloane)- "School is Cool" album

Vowel Bat

Teach students how to pronounce vowel with this fun adaptation to the Batman theme song.
THE PRESIDENT! (children's song about Washington and Lincoln)

The President Song

Teach students about American presidents with this great song.
Sid The Seed

Sid the Seed

Use this entertaining song to show students all about seeds

English as a Second Language

This podcast is for anyone who wants to improve their English speaking and listening skills.

Sesame in Communities

This podcast show helps adults and children live their lives to the highest potential.

The Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier

This podcast helps make math easier and fun. This gives simple tricks to solving basic algebra.

Sesame Street Podcast

This podcast helps discover the meaning of words


This podcast reads new stories each week. Fairy tales, short stories, poems, myth, etc. are told.