Saving Energy near you

It's SUPPOSED to be important but why? By: Grace Monroe


Saving energy is only one of the many things we need to do to ensure that we have rescources for a long time. If we use up all our fossil fuels then we have to find something else to use, fossil fuels are good but if we have something better why use them? fossil fuels are non-renewable and thanks to our scientists we have a lot of renewable rescources.

Saving energy in School

In school (my school being Gene pike middle). there are countless thing s you could do to save energy or use renewable energy sources. A great example would be a hydroelectric dam that would send energy to the school so that we could power our school without burning up all of our fossil fuels.


In your home you could install sensors that when you walk into a room and only you (and your family). will turn on lights you could set it to a specific height so (ex:) your dog doesn't turn lights on or vice versa. and when you are audio detectors to turn on showers and faucets etc.


Community ties in a lot with both schools saving energy plan and homes saving energy plan you could install solar panels and or use geothermal energy etc. to help out our environment BIGTIME, or use my home idea in every home to save ginormous amounts of energy, or combine both!