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Media Vs Media Literate

What is “Media”? Well “Media” or “The Media” is a way you can communicate with the use of technology, and even television, and even the radio. Some people might think that the word “Media” only refers to social media such as Instagram, or twitter. But media could vary. It could be from video games, to music, and many more. Media could also be very helpful for advertisement. For those who uses twitter or Instagram, companies are starting to advertise their product. Same for Pandora, when there’s a brief commercial it’s usually about a product or a game for your phone. Now that we have a brief description about media, what exactly is a “Media literate”.

Literate media (or media literate) I fell like is a way to “Advertise” reading, writing, just pretty much anything that has to do with language arts. For example, we are doing “Smore” (its pretty much a blog) about what I think media is, and what literate media is. Posting this topic on the blog would be a literate media. Another good example would be CNN. They would take what the media (such as Facebook, and websites) and they would keep people updated of what’s going on around the world