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The Wild Boar

by George Nakkoul

The Scientific name

Sus scarofa

Physical Description

Life span: 15-20 years

Sexual Maturity: 7-10 months

Gestation period: 3-4 months

Age of Weaning: 2-3 months

Diet: Omnivore

Color: Brown, Red, Black, and Grey

Skin Type: Fur

Size in Height: 21.6-39.3 inches

Weight: 176-386 pounds

Runs: 48 miles per hour

Predators: Tigers, Wolves, Humans

Birth Place

Europe and Asia

Method of Transportation

Old Europeans settlers and explorers brought them for livestock

Last Seen In The United States

South east coast, West coast mainly Texas is one of the most disrupted by the Wild Boar
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Crimes Committed to the Envirment

Rooting, Wallowing, Compact soils, Disrupts water infiltration, Nutrient cycling, and spreads invasive plants

The punishment for disruption

Humans hunt but beware they are very hard to hunt, Humans can fence them in so we can vaccinate them to prevent them from spreading disease, Trapping, Beware their is no poison available to cop with the Wild Boar
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