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May 23, 2016

Principal Passage...


So proud of our all our 5th grade dancers and their teachers! They were all brave to step onto the floor and try Dancing Classrooms. It has been a very positive choice and experience. When we saw all the students holding hands before the winners were announced, we had already won either way. Kudos to everyone for their support.

Review your class supply lists by grade-level. Edu-Kit ordering is upon us. Send me any updates.

PE Performance thinking...attendance at the PE performance is an issue. We simply cannot accommodate the number of students, staff and parents that would like to attend. I have recently been questioned about the attendance of parents by parents - are they invited? Working with Dr. Reed on this issue, we plan to allow K-2 parents to come to a "rehearsal performance" earlier in the week. Details forthcoming. We hope this will balance things out a bit.

Sign-up sheet for the used book-fair is should be in the mail room tomorrow if you want to take your classes.

Last, but not least, May Fest was fabulous! It was relaxed, school-family fellowship. Students running in the light rain that came at the end, like the last activity of the evening. BIG thanks for all who make it happen!


  • Kindergarten screening is tomorrow.
  • Stamps for report card envelopes. If parents do it, its done. Otherwise, let's not ask, parents just supported the raising of 30k. Doesn't feel right to ask for more.
  • Have you made your UNCF pledge? This is our last week. See Barbara for info.
  • Email coming on Bomb Threats, please review as it often happens at the end of the school year.
  • Share EOG information in your newsletters. EOG letter goes home in this week's packet.
  • Please take the updated survey on the 2017-18 calendar. The Board of Education will use this feedback to adopt the calendar. You can access the calendar survey here.
  • Appreciate all the TRC support and commitment - we are done!
  • Boosterthon collection is at 92%. One more collection deadline coming. .
  • Quarter Data sheets need to be updated.
  • Awards Day is coming. If you give student certificates, begin preparing and talk with me about their delivery.

Calendar Links

Yes, we have lots to do before this year comes to a close. I hope to focus on calm, kindness and best outcomes in actions and interactions. I know we can make this happen together.

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WSFCS Goes Social

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools finally has a Facebook page! It’s located at or search for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. Be sure to use proper punctuation or you’ll get other (unofficial) pages. Please “like” the page and follow us to see what’s happening in the district!

We also have an Instagram account, wsfc_schools. I haven’t started using it yet, but you can follow us and be there for the first posting!

Final PDP Time...

PDP completion, record your evidence and comments for your PDP's. Complete by May 27th .

The school Haiku goal has prepared us to begin school next year with Haiku sites in place of our websites. Information will be provided before we end the school year on the "how to's" for this transition.

Boosterthon Monies

Teachers you will be getting funds for your classroom from Boosterthon fundraising - $100 per classroom. This money can be spent now or over the summer. WCofC will need receipts for items purchased. Grade-levels can pool their monies if they choose. Know you will put it to good use.

Calendar May / June

This list is not an exhaustive of the Haiku staff calendar

  • 5/23 Kindergarten Screening
  • 5/24 Clay Project for Arts Council Givers
  • 5/26 Guided Reading Follow-up w B. Brown K-2
  • 5/27 Science EOG - 5th
  • 5/30 Memorial Day - no school
  • 6/1 Staff Meeting
  • 6/1 Reading EOG 3-5
  • 6/2 Math EOG 3-5
  • 6/3 EOG Make-ups
  • 6/6 Guided Reading Follow-up w B. Brown 3-5
  • 6/6 EOY PTA Staff Lunch
  • 6/7 Congressional 2nd Primary
  • 6/9 PE Performance Day
  • 6/10 Awards Day