Housing Selection

Residential Services | December 15, 2014

Housing Selection 2015-2016 is Coming!

Housing Selection Opens Soon

StarRez, where you will sign up for housing selection, will be opening soon. We are in the final stages of testing and configuration. The portal will be open through January 23rd. It does not matter if you register first or last, you will still have the same opportunities to select housing as everyone else. To show you what the first steps you will need to complete when the portal is open, we have completed the instructional video below.

WPI Housing Selection: Video 1

Housing Selection Process Changes

We have many items that have been updated, adjusted, and changed about our process. Here are some key items to keep in mind, visit our website to read about all of the changes.

  1. We are moving to an online selection process. This process will be conducted over a 1 week period.
  2. You will form groups prior to housing selection and identify them on the system. Housing will be prioritized by space size and average group class standing.
  3. Prioritizing by space size means that through housing selection we will be starting with the suite/apartment sizes that have the most students and working our way down to the spaces that are for only 1 or 2 students.
  4. Within each selection time, groups will be ordered by average class standing. This mean that class year is taken into account for all group members. Class standing will be determined by earned and currently attempted credits.
  5. We have a number of spaces open this year that were not in previous years during housing selection. All of Founders Hall will be used for upperclass students. Also all 4 of our previously themed housing will be available in housing selection.
  6. We will be hosting Special Interest Housing on a floor of Founders Hall for students who would like to live in an upperclass wellness community. On the housing selection sign up you may indicate if you are interested. If there is sufficient interest, you will be able to bypass the housing selection process.

We will have a number of opportunities to learn more about the process. Please visit our website or an info session/table to learn more about housing selection.

Housing Selection Process

Read about the entire housing selection process by visiting this link.

Accomodated Housing Request Form

If you are seeking accomodated housing through the Office of Disability Services, click here and fill out the form.

Housing Selection Timeline

General Dates

  • December 23rd (anticipated), Sign Up for Housing Selection Opens, Online
  • January 23rd, Sign Up for Housing Selection Closes 11:59pm, Online
  • January 26th, Group Formation Opens, Online
  • February 6th, Group Formation Closes 5:00pm, Online
  • February 9th, Group Numbers/Selection Times Out, Online

Info Tables

  • January 15th, Wedge, 4pm-7pm
  • January 20th, Campus Center 11am-2pm
  • January 22nd, Wedge 4pm-7pm

Info Sessions

  • January 21st, Faraday Hall 7pm
  • February 11th, East Hall 7pm

Housing Tours

  • January 17th, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm
  • January 31st, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm

Roommate Matching Sessions

  • January 28th, East Hall 7pm
  • February 4th, East Hall 7pm

Housing Selection Dates

  • February 16th, 8 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 16th, 7 person spaces, Online afternoon
  • February 17th, 6 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 17th, 5 person spaces, Online afternoon
  • February 18th, 4 person spaces, Online all day
  • February 19th, 3 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 19th, 2/1 person spaces, Online afternoon
  • February 20th, Remaining spaces, Online all day

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