The Anthem of my life.

By: Mckayla Medina

"You where given this life because you where strong enough to live it" By: Unkown

What this Anthem means to me.

This Anthem means to me like God gave you a plan and he would never put anything that you couldn't handle on to you. Its like a test to see how strong you are. There is nothing that you cant beat yeah it may hurt and it will be hard but you CAN fight it. Its going to get better it wont always be like this. If God didnt think that you couldn't handle it then he wouldn't let you go threw it. Also Satan always messes with his plans but just believe that it will be better.

How does it effect me?

This quote has effected me in a good way, I have been threw a lot in my life and i would always cry and say that im not strong enough to fight this. Then my friends and my grandfather who is a youth minister started telling me that God wont put something on you if you couldn't handle it. And it has made me realize that im pretty strong because of all the things that i have been threw. I always think of this quote and somehow it just makes things better for me.

How will i repersent this in my life?

I will represent this is my life by showing other people that God wont let you handle things you cant handle. I hope to be maybe a public speaker and teach about this stuff and to share this stuff about God. If we let and make people understand this than maybe it will lower depression and suicide attempts.

I have preached this at my church and i have preached it on my social media. I have told friends and i have written pages about it and i have told it to classes at my school. I also entered a contest in my school about this topic and i got 1 place and 2 second place at state. I care deeply about this topic and its important that everyone knows.