Plan Plan Plan

Detail Plan

Wednesday 4th (Class)

Decide upon the final and we create a plan. (Spend 45 minutes making the plan and 30 minutes on design) I chose design number 2. I used squarespace but then my partner and I found out that it was only 14 days of trial so we had to change. Then after I change to weebly but it end up not fitting with my idea so I had to change to Im Creator.

Thursday 5th

Explore all websites to create my E-Portfolio by using the search engine Google.

Friday 6th (Class)

List my top 5 and check what they provide and sign-up for that website. (Design Specification; Be Free)

Saturday 7th

Sunday 8th

Monday 9th

Tuesday 10th

Wednesday 11th (Class)

Get the right structure and layout of my design. Taking my design and putting all the sections in.

Thursday 12th

Friday 13th (Class)

Filling up the design such as getting the information in and making all the details come to life. (Putting in titles, photo (if we have), (introduction etc.) Homework was to finish the content.

Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th

Monday 16th

Tuesday 17th (Class)

Test the finishing product (I would be adding stuff in so it not exactly finish) and product will be done before class. I did some editing and then the whole class had to do a survey.

Wednesday 18th (Class)

So far I just had one person my survey. In this class today we will have to get everything tidy up because other students are in a field trip. Then when they come back we can do their evaluation.