This Week at AES

11/16 - 11/20

Week at a Glance

Monday 11/16

  • $2 Jean Day
  • Lego Club
  • Large Group Lighthouse Meeting

Tuesday 11/17

  • Christ Club Staff Meeting: Hour of Code and PLC Time

Wednesday 11/18

  • STLP Club

Thursday 11/19

  • Caleb and Beth Out Family
  • Fitness Night

Friday 11/20

  • 1st Grade to RiverPark
  • Preschool Service Project
  • 1st House Meeting
FYI 1116

Tweets of the Week

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Notes for the Week

This Week is a Primary Guidance Week

  • Each week I want to recognize the great things going on at Audubon. If you know someone who needs to be recognized, please let me know.
  • It is that time of year where it is getting cold outside. Just a reminder that anytime the “Feel’s Like” temperature is 34 degrees or lower, students should not be going outside for recess or walking track time. If you have a morning where your team is on the walking track, you will need to closely monitor the temperature prior to going outside.
  • Tis the Season: Please plan your Christmas Celebrations for Thursday, December 17th. Audubon PTO will provide cookies for students to decorate and eat on Friday, December 18th.
  • The behavior data below shows a dramatic difference in classroom referrals from last year to this year. I believe this is a direct result of your hard work and your willingness to identify ways to recognize students. Please remember that as a teacher, you can reward your students with theme days (pj's, hat days.....) just make sure we are aware of your plans in the office so we can help parents when they call.

How Poverty Affects Your Children

Know who we Serve

61.7% of our students receive free or reduced lunch; that is almost 2 out of every 3. I realize that very few of our students endure the hardships that the families in the video above shared, but many of the circumstances are very similar.

Our families love their kids, our families face real safety issues, our families face many issues and decisions that the majority of us cannot even fathom.

Part of our job in serving the Audubon Community means doing our best to not sympathize with our parents and students but empathize with them.