Stop Cyberbullying

"You can make a change online"

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbully : cyberbully is when a person talk or post photos on technology devices such as computers, phones, and tablet by using websites like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and everyone talks and say negative comment about that one individual.

"Examples of Cyberbullying"

Ex. Rumors, mean text messages,or emails, and social media websits posting negative images.

"Three difference between cyberbullying and bullying"

Cyberbullying: Happening 24/7, Its done through technology devices, and Can lead to suicide

Bullying: Happening mostly at school,Its done in person, Can physically hurt you.

"Effects of cyberbullying"

Cyberbullying can Lead to the Following:

Skipping School

Low Self-esteem

Health Problems

Use of Drugs

Use of Alcohol

"Prevention & Awareness"

To prevent this from happening is to talk to your children daily.

Be aware of what site your child be on.

View your child communications online.

Ask for they password when being on a communication website

Talk to them about what website to go on

"Establishing Rules"

Rule on being on appropriate websites

Rue about being on different devices

Rule help them be smart online.

"Reporting a Cyberbully"

Don't respond to the bully

Tell the adult immediate

Keep Evidence

"Report to your online service provider"

Review their terms and conditions

Visit social media safety

"Report to your local Law Enforcement"

Threat of violence

You taking a photo or a video of someone that was not expected

Stalking a person

"Report to your school"

It can create disruptive environment

Also create hostile school