Reflections on our Media

How Media has an effect on our life's

Media Literacy

Media Literacy too me is about expressing yourself and finding who you are through reading and learning new ideas every day. If you cannot express through reading and writing then media literacy can help with that. Every day there are new ideas to be fulfilled with but you have to express your emotions through text. In media literacy it’s not just reading boring books and writing long essays, media literacy also teaches you how to think outside the box and teaches you how to be creative by watching new things media literacy can help not just for the present but for the future. I think that everyone has a beautiful brain and a god giving ability to express yourself in many different ways and there are many different ways to express yourself but media literacy can blow your mind once you take full advantage of your opportunities. Media is the books and the movies and the writing that will help you have a better understanding of media, media can help with just not reading but with comprehension of what you’re reading. Literacy is the only thing that can help you for the now, meaning that if you our having trouble with a problem this is where the literacy part can step in and help you with that problem. In conclusion media literacy classes can help you for the present and the future, media literacy is a great way to challenge yourself and give yourself a good way to stimulate your mind with knowledge.

Social Media

What I think of social media today? Social media to me is a new form of communication, back in time people didn’t have the same capabilities and opportunity’s as we did. Instead of calling your loved ones or friends on facetime, you would either go see them to talk to them or not talk to them at all. We have been given a lot of options when it comes to social media and technology has taken over the world and taken over how we think as humans. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are the top ranked social media apps that are being used today. These apps has taken over our way of how our children think and take approach of everyday life. You may post a video on YouTube and by the morning time the word has seen your video and is on another social media site in a blink of an eye. This is just not a growing problem in America but worldwide, the top countries are China, Germany and Japan. These countries have been taken over by social media and technology. The world is ran by apps and different devices involving these apps, there is an app for everything you need, anything you want. For example shopping online is no longer needed by computer, there is an app for that now. No longer calling for a taxi outside in the rain, just use Uber your modern day taxi cab, oh yea I forgot there’s an app for that. Now a days there is an app for anything you can think of anything you could imagine there is an app for anything now you want. Social media is not just for good things and sharing pictures to friends, social media has been taken over by the terrorist group called Isis. This group has terrorized countries, cities, and towns. They have used a series of apps and social media sites to recruit not just only people in the Middle East but also other people in the around the world. Social media has made a huge impact in our world today and will continue to be a growing process in our world.

Nation of Proles!

How this passage reflects today’s society? This particular passage has to deal with a lot of issues. How they grew up in the gutters, how they worked late nights. This certain part of the passage reminds me of my own parents how they work hard for me and my sibling, how my dad would work overtime just to put clothes on our back and food on the table just to survive in this cruel world. This passage also has an effect on my life because I can relate to what the author is saying and the terminology that is being used in the passage. The passage also includes “heavy physical work, the care home and children petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds. This makes you think a little and realize how grateful you are and not living in a dystopian society. You still wonder how this passage does reflect to our society, well in many different ways this passage has similarities and it has differences. The similarities that the passage has on today’s society is that most of our young people get married at the age of twenty, and die at the age of sixty. The passage states that people in the society should act accordingly to their community, people should be concerned about how people act not only in their country and in their homes. We as people need to realize how we effect the younger generation, they look at their older brothers and sisters or other family that is older. The kids look up to them, either if there bad or good they will follow them in their footsteps and try to admire them and be them. We have to grow up and mature and set an example for our younger kids that will teach their kids our ways that the older generation taught them. Our younger generation will have to set the bar high, not low if they want their kids to succeed in life and adult life, because in society it will not get easier it will get harder and harder as the years go on. I will try in my power to succeed in life so my kids will not have to suffer in a bad school system or struggle in an area that involves shooting, gang activity and bad influences. Reading this paper should teach you to strive for the best in anything you do, you should want to do better for yourself and let your kids see your success. Living in a bad area should not want to be a dream for you, you should strive to do better and live your life not by doing things that will influence money, women/men, or doing drugs. Education should be the number 1 thing in your life and getting a good stable job should be the next thing and starting family with the one you love is living the dream to me. This is how our society should act today.

Superbowl Ad

Snickers. In its 2016 Super Bowl commercial, they have created a Marilyn Monroe look alike which is William Defoe. The genre is Super Bowl Commercial. The year 2016.

Marilyn Monroe is in a photo shoot and is very irritated about a certain issue, the director gives her a snicker, and she says this isn’t going to help anything. She takes a bite and the director says like in any snickers commercial “better” and Marilyn Monroe is turned into the beautiful women that she is and is back to taking pretty pictures as normal.

Snickers is trying to catch the audience’s attention with the famous Marilyn Monroe and the famous snicker bar, also other actors like William Defoe also acting as mad Marilyn.

The tone of the audience is funny and curious, Snickers is targeting people who like comedy, Marilyn Monroe, William Defoe and of course Snickers.

SNICKERS® – “Marilyn”




"My numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan's numbers were with Jimmy Carter."

When and where did he say it? Donald Trump said this on Monday, April 11th, 2016 in a rally in Rome, N.Y.

What’s the whole story? Trump is comparing himself to Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan, he says that he is a better president by the numbers and he will be the next president coming voting time in November.

What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own? I know that trumps numbers look good at the current moment but anything can happen now that Marco Rubio has dropped out of the race, now it is just Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. You can compare numbers but not effort and skill, Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter our way presidents that Donald Trump.

What are your thoughts overall? I like the confidence from Donald Trump, but his comments are over the top. This is why he does not my vote this upcoming election.

John Kasich

In head-to-head polls for the general election, "I beat Hillary Clinton by more than anybody, by 11 points."

When and where did he say it? Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 in a republican presidential debate in Detroit

What’s the whole story? He is comparing his votes to the votes of Hilary Clinton, which he does have more votes than her and she is leading in votes in the democratic side.

What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own? We know that Hilary is leading on the democratic side, but for Kasich to beat her by 11 votes says a lot about his Campaign and the supporters he has brought together.

What are your overall thoughts? I think that if it were Clinton and Kasich running, it might happen that John Kasich could be our next president.

Bernie Sanders

Says Hillary Clinton supported and continues to "support fracking."

When and where did he say it? Sunday, April 10TH, 2016 interview on NBC’s meet the press.

What’s the whole story? He is trying to say that Clinton will continue to support fracking and that is one of the reasons we have global warming today.

What must you know about this topic in order to make an informed and full position of your own? You most know what fracking is and you must know how it affects us as a nation, if she supports this she will be tearing down this nation.

What are your thoughts overall? I think that fracking is a very dangerous thing and also harming our nature and it very well increases global warming, therefore I will reconsider my vote for Clinton.

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Overlook at Media Literacy

Looking back at my first smore, Ms. Hicks would tell me that I need more improvement with my words and my sentence structure. I took the advice and used it as a resource to help me do better on my other smores. Every smore I felt like I had better sentence structure and I would use more complex words in my reflections. These smores helped me become a better writer, they also helped me with my comprehension skills. Taking this class with Ms. Hicks and Ms. Davis teaching was a great for me, because I know the first week of class that Ms. Hicks was going to push me to do better and I know that I needed someone in my corner to push me like Ms. Hicks and Ms. Davis. Even though I would struggle on some of the content that was given, Ms. Davis and Ms. Hicks were never too busy to assist me when I needed the help. I learned a lot of things from this class that I will take in to my post-secondary education that I have a strong feeling that will help me in the future. My papers weren’t the best but after time and with the help of Ms. Hicks and Ms. Davis, my papers were to their full potential. I believe to make this class better is to have more Socratic seminars, I think as the younger generation would love to talk instead of writing about the issues that are being handed to them. Also which would be better is more precises which I enjoyed dong. Overall this class has given me the confidence and strength to write and read a lot more. I know this will expand my vocabulary and academic papers. I will never forget what Ms. Hicks and Ms. Davis has done for me and my academic learning.

Can We Auto Correct Humanity

“IPads, IMacs, and IPhones” I don’t know if you noticed something but I did, the letter I. These inventions were made to make life easier and to provide us with a little extra help with our daily lives. I feel like with all these technology we have become more disconnected with the world and our families. Instead of having a face to face conversation we would rather facetime. Instead of spelling the correct word or finding out to pronounce it we would rather let auto-correct or let Siri do it for us because we cannot do it ourselves. We have become addicted with our devices that we cannot leave the room without it or not have it in our hand. I myself can say that I have become addicted with my phone. We need to use social as a helpful outlet instead of using the social media has a resource to judge someone or bash their names, some people would rather Skype than meet face to face. The problem with social media has become an existing problem in the world, so much a problem that now the millennium generation has become more prone to social media and the use of devices more than our own generation. To fix this problem we have to dedicate our time off the phones and geared towards helping others get rid of this issue as well. This cannot become a permanent problem with the human race or it will destroy our minds and the way we live life and the way we think and solve problems. Social media has grown at a faster rate than the world can control. There is an app for everything now and days, people need to think on their own and stop depending on their phone to help them with their daily problems. We need to take a look on life and see what we want out of it because our phone can’t decide for us.