Surfs up Geronimo

by: Geronimo stilton


Geronimo went to an airport. He saw a man holding up a sign. Geronimo headed to him and said hi. he noticed the sign that said his name was spelt wrong.

The man gave him a bike and told him there was a hotel a few miles away so he went there.

When he arrived he noticed that the sign that said welcome missed the w so it said elcome

the rooms showers were buckets and the water did not work. Geronimo was hearing voices coming from the halls.
Geronimo went to the beach and a scorpion snapped his tail and he screamed oww!


new mouse city


Geronimo: Geronimo is a loving uncle who has a crazy life


i think the theme is trusting because when Geronimo trusted the man to give him directions to the nearest hotel


i really liked the book so i give it 5 stars. my favorite part was when Geronimo had made it to the hotel and got disgusted.
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