4th Grade Reflections

my thoughts about 4th grade

My Greatest Accomplishment

I think that my greatest accomplishment of the quarter was Fear Fest. I learned a lot about the six traits of writing and fear ingredients. I think it helped me with literature and how you can always make your writing better.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge was again Fear Fest. I was SUPER nervous about doing Esmeralda. I was worried I would forget my lines. During Fear Fest I made 3 mistakes that I know of.

1. In Esmeralda I accidentally forgot to say a line that kind of threw the story of a little but I ended up improvising and fixing the mistake that I made.

2. One time in Esmerelda Midori mixed up who was on what floor but we just went along with it and switched the order around a little bit and everything was fine.

3. 2 times In cereal killer the sound effect people rung the doorbell at the wrong time and we had to skip a lot of important lines.

From all these mistakes I learned that you can always improvise and that just because you make mistakes doesn't mean that you have to stop what you are doing and say no that wasn't it to the person who messed up because if you know the charector well enough you know what they would say at that time and you know how they would react.

My Goals For Next Quarter

My goals for next quarter are to get to Topic 5 Ultimate Callenge in Math. My goals for Social Studies and Fine Arts is to learn more about Native Americans and their culture. In ELA I enjoyed learning about literature and am looking forward to what we are doing next.