Making a Difference

Carmel Creek May 28, 2016

Foundation Fundraisers

Our Foundation Teacher Fundraiser events are nearing a close. Thank you for your time and for making each event special for the kids. Your time and participation is appreciated.

CCN Special Show

Extra special CCN newscast was a hit! So great to see parents and families enjoying morning coffee and engaged in Fridays newscast.

Discovery Lab Vacation Get A Way

Thanks Discovery Lab Teachers for your efforts to coordinate outside activities, crafts and a really cool picture postcard with suitcase gift for the kids.

Kid Karoke

Dorothy sure does know how to put on a fun show. The kids were so cute with mic in hand dancing and singing.

Kinder Movie Night

Disney's Inside Out and Ice Cream Sundaes went well. Great film and yummy ice cream treats.

Coordinating their efforts to help the office. Thanks team! Margaret, Gina and Mashell make a huge difference each day.

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Thanks for believing in all of our CC students.

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Please remember to save crayons that are in good shape and pencils as you pack up your rooms. Roy can supply zip lock bags. It will help us conserve our supplies. Thank you.

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Just 8 1/2 more instructional days

Cherish the remaining days with your class. Celebrate the community you created and growth of each student.
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Thanks for finding the energy within to make each of the remaining days special for kids.

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Have a wonderful long weekend.

We respect and appreciate all our Carmel Creek military families who have served or who are currently serving. Thank you.

With Gratitude

Just another word of thanks for the most beautiful end of the year gift. I am loving the bracelet and apple. Each one of you brings something very special to our Carmel Creek community. Thank you for making this year at Carmel Creek remarkable.