Mrs. Reiber's Apple Newsletter

May 9, 2016

Important Reminders

  • Please check your child's Apple Binder on Monday for Mailbox Monday papers.

  • We are going to Hale Farm on Monday, March 9. It is an all-day field trip, please send your child with a packed lunch. We will be walking around outside all day, so please dress appropriately (the ground may be muddy).

  • SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, May 12 will be Grandparents Day in 4th grade. Grandparents are invited! Please sign and return invitation by May 10th, it was in last week's Monday Mailbox papers.

  • Events at school that are upcoming: 5th grade kickball game on May 13th in the afternoon (4th grade gets to watch!); 4th grade Field Day on May 19th in the morning; Volleyball Game - students vs. staff May 25th in the morning; 4th/5th grade awards May 26th in the morning and Last Day Picnic Party May 26th in the afternoon!

  • Our class needs to take the math timed tests for the final time this year. Timed tests (for those who have not gotten 97% or higher yet) will happen May 10th-May 13th. A study sheet will come home the night before (addition sheets were already passed out to the students who need to take it). The results will come home May 16th and do not need to be returned to me at all.

  • My online grade book is closing soon. I will not be collecting or taking any more graded assignments after Monday, May 16th. Report cards will be given out on the last day of school.

Final spelling test - Tuesday, May 10

The final spelling test for the year will be on Tuesday, May 10th. The words are "soft g" sound:

1. gymnast

2. giraffe

3. giant

4. surgery

5. sponge

6. agile

7. dangerous

8. orange

9.-13. on your own words

*bonus root words*

14. kilometer

15. annual

Special Awards

The Teacher Helper is Quentin!

This week's "V.I.P." Class Dojo point leader is Mitchell!

Congratulations to Hannah, the weekly school-wide Caught Card winner!


I want to apologize to Adelynn - I forgot to include her in the Happy Birthday list in last week's newsletter! Her birthday was Saturday!
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