Sue Bitzios

Education Support Staff Appraisal 2014

My personal philosophy is to be a positive role model in life.

My role is to support children by helping to build their confidence, to understand that ‘mistakes equal learning’, to be brave and ‘have a go’, to have a ‘can do’ attitude and to be a part of helping them develop into well-rounded and responsible young individuals.

"Attitude is everything."

My ability to communicate with teachers

· Communicate with teachers on a daily basis about the timetable, STA programs, progress, any situations or problems involving students and/or parents/guardians, pass on any pertinent information so that informed decisions can be made and consistency is maintained.


  • Became aware of students who were ‘harming themselves’ and passed on the information to the 5/6 teachers.

  • Notified teachers of 'Cyber Bullying' on two separate occasions.

  • Spoke to the Speech Therapist about my concerns for a student with learning difficulties and discussed the need for private tutoring. Progress was being made with the STA program but it was slow, considering the student had several terms on the program .The Speech Therapist queried whether the student’s mother would be willing or could afford tutoring. Having had many discussions with the student’s mother and knowing how proactive she had been in the past, I suggested that the Speech Therapist make her recommendations to the parent and allow her to make that decision. The Speech Therapist scheduled a meeting with the student’s mother who was very concerned about her daughter’s progress and was very receptive to the idea of private tutoring in Term 4.


Ø Copies of all new ‘Individual Therapy Programs’ and notes taken during meetings with Hazel are provided to all Grade 4 teachers.

Ø After commencing STA sessions with a student, I voiced my concerns about the student having a learning difficultly to the Grade 4 teachers, Janet and Hazel. After Hazel had spoken to the student’s mother, I passed on a contact name and number of a Behavioural Optometrist that I had followed up with Yianna.

Ø Approached Janet about a suggestion for 5/6 leaders to take responsibility, every 1st half of recess, for the supervision of a Prep student so that the Integration Aides would be available to supervise a Grade 4 student who can be aggressive. I amended the ‘Yard Duty’ roster and notified Kirsty, the office staff and all Integration Aides regarding this arrangement.

My ability to communicate with parents

· Take time to liaise with parents/guardians on a regular basis, before and after school to provide support, discuss progress, strategies, goals and to achieve and maintain consistency between school and home.


  • Called the parents of a student to encourage them to allow their daughter, who is a school leader and entertainment leader, to attend the school disco. As a result, the student was very excited and thankful to be a part of the experience.


Ø Approached a student’s father, as my impression was that he would be proactive in making positive changes at home that would help his son achieve more success at school. We discussed the strategies we have implemented in Grade 4 and how we can link them with home. We also discussed increasing endurance through exercise and regular sleeping times. I informed the teachers, Hazel and Janet of this discussion and the father’s enthusiasm to help achieve consistency. Initially there were changes made at home and the student’s behaviour had improved in class. When the student’s behaviour started to regress, I spoke with Hazel during our scheduled meeting and she offered to discuss the matter with the student’s father. After informing the Grade 4 teacher, I approached the student’s father that afternoon and a meeting took place between him, Hazel and Siobhan to reinforce positive strategies. The consistency between school and home has assisted the student to make stronger choices, become more independent and improve his general attitude in class.

Ø I was unable to attend a meeting with Hazel, Dani and the parent of a student whom I was working with on STA program so I wrote a letter for Hazel to pass onto the parent outlining the goals of the sessions and the student’s progress.

Ø I made myself available every morning and afternoon for a guardian who was feeling overwhelmed caring for 3 boys. She often just needed a sounding board. I supported her by listening, sharing strategies, suggesting new strategies and by maintaining consistency between school and home.

Ø A guardian expressed that she did not have the time or patience to devote to home learning so I offered to take on that ongoing responsibility with the student.

My ability to communicate with students

· Developed strong relationships with students through effective communication. A good understanding of their personalities, dynamics, strengths, challenges, different learning styles, diversity of cultures and backgrounds assist me in providing the best support.

· The STA program gives me the opportunity to work with children to help build their confidence and promote a ‘can do ’attitude towards learning and life!


  • Whilst dealing with a student with what seemed to be a one-off incident, after further questioning, I realised that he was being bullied. I sat with the student and prepared an email, as requested by the teacher, outlining previous incidents spanning over two terms.


Ø During STA sessions with a student, I realized that she had been masking her learning difficulties. After a few sessions together, we began to develop a rapport and through continual reinforcement and feedback she began to make excellent progress. Her confidence grew, she became more relaxed and no longer used avoidance strategies.

Professional Learning I have undertaken

2014 Perform CPR – HLTCPR211A

2014 OHS Courses for Employees completed:

  • Ergonomics
  • Manual Handling
  • OHS for Employees
  • Hazard & Incident Reporting
  • Slips, Trips & Falls

2013 Perform CPR – HLTCPR211A

2013 Raison d’etre PD – WPPS

2012 First Aid – Apply First Aid HLTFA301B

2012 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Teaching Strategies & Behaviour Support

2012 First Aid Management in Anaphylaxis

My ability to work as part of a team

· I am adaptable, co-operative, approachable, reliable, professional, enthusiastic, empathetic and always willing to contribute in any way possible.

· I give and seek input, assist in problem­-solving, share information, ideas and suggestions, ask for help, advice or guidance, request permission where necessary, show initiative, notify others of changes and make changes to achieve a ‘win-win’ outcome.


  • Assisted making props, attaining verbal permission for ‘Make-up & Images’ from parents, face painting and various preparations for production.

  • Worked in the ‘School Office’ to cover for staff on leave or absent.

  • Ran ‘Taekwondo’ classes with students during ‘Camp Wooranna’ and also for post-production celebrations.

  • When E.S staff have been absent, I have ensured that First Aid and Yard Duty shifts were covered.

  • Make amendments to the ‘First Aid & Yard Duty´ roster as required.

  • Upon the Principal's request, I amended the 'First Aid & Yard Duty' roster to include 'Yard Duty' for a prep student. Initially I consulted the Prep teachers, to determine the specific needs of the student, Grade 1 teachers, fellow aides and office staff, who would all be affected. I also incorporated two new aides onto the roster to assist in covering the extra shifts. I emailed the roster to all parties involved and provided hard copies to the new aides, explaining how the roster works.

  • After discussion with fellow aides, I proposed duty for a Grade 1 student be changed from 1st half to 2nd half, allowing him to interact with his peers and develop his social skills. Communicated proposed change to Janet and Yianna, who agreed and then informed the Grade 1 teachers and E.S. staff of the change, in person and via email.

  • Reinforce ‘Target Teaching’ sessions with ESL and at-risk students.

  • Worked with fellow aides to run ‘Toy Story’ literacy group with ESL and at-risk students.


Ø Regular communication with teachers and fellow aides to discuss planning and daily expectations.

Ø Share strategies implemented with fellow aides.

Ø Organize First Aid and Yard Duty roster for E.S. staff.

Ø Assist in the library and Grade 3 cooking when required.

Ø Offer resources with Grade 4 teachers, fellow aides and other teachers (i.e. Kirsty, Anita, Yianna).

Ø Prepare welfare sandwiches.

Ø Confirm changes made to scheduled STA sessions with teachers to ensure they fit it with their plans.

Ø Offered to take new EAL Grade 2 student for informal sessions with his sister twice a week.

Ø Held Taekwondo sessions for Camp Wooranna students.

Ø Offered assistance for Wakakirri backdrops and costumes after hours.

Ø Approached Siobhan about Vanessa working with EAL student for one session on her days in the Grade 4 unit.

Ø Work closely with Hazel providing suggestions and feedback from STA sessions and I provide teachers with copies of all Therapy Plans to incorporate tasks into the classroom.

Ø Attended meetings with DHS, psychologists, teachers and parents/carers to discuss student’s progress and learning goals.

My relationship with students

· Established positive relationships with students. I am sensitive, supportive, empathetic and always available to support students with any issues that confront them.

· I encourage student independence, responsibility and pass on any relevant information that might assist in caring for students.

· Liaise with parents/guardians regularly to have a good understanding of different backgrounds and circumstances and how to best support the students, their needs and to maintain consistency.

Ø Role model appropriate behaviour.

Ø Creating a positive, comfortable environment through the use of humour. Helping students to effectively engage and feel more comfortable and open to learn.

Ø Create support material and deliver STA programs aiding students’ speech and literacy needs.

Ø Encourage engagement by questioning to maintain focus, scaffold learning and ensure understanding.

Ø Encourage responsibility and independence.

Ø Encourage students to be organized in class and in their approach to their learning.

Ø Discuss positive strategies to encourage students to make positive choices when interacting with fellow students.

Ø Encourage and assist students to articulate their emotions rather than ‘acting out’.

Ø Provide encouragement, positive feedback and praise to encourage positive behaviour and attitude.

Ø Reinforce positive behaviour with negotiated rewards.

Ø Modify work to make it suitable for students.

Ø Reduce frustration and stress by identifying triggers and signs of high anxiety and help student self-regulate with an outdoor activity.

Ø Maintaining a safe environment in the unit.

Ø Challenge students appropriately to succeed.

Ø Administer medication and apply cream for eczema.

Ø Show empathy and compassion.

Ø Communicate positive expectations.

Ø Promote a ‘can do’ attitude.

My relationship with staff

· Developed strong relationships with staff and work very closely with teachers to achieve consistency in the support provided to students.

Ø Meet with teachers to discuss learning opportunities and offer my opinions based on my observations.

Ø Observe student progress with tasks, difficulties they encounter and provide feedback to teachers.

Ø Ask for advice and/or guidance from staff and leadership.

Ø Share resources and strategies with Grade 4 teachers and fellow aides.

Ø Offer resources to teachers i.e. Kirsty, Anita, Yianna – Word Searches with high frequency words printed from Word Shark.

Ø Inform Literacy Support of progress and goals for students on the STA program.

Ø Communicate news, changes, progress, challenges and goals for students on STA programs to Grade 4 teachers, Hazel and Annette.

Ø Offered assistance to Grade 2 to work with new EAL student twice a week.

Ø Approached teachers about compiling an Activity Book for Grade 4 for backstage at Wakakirri to lessen their workload.

Ø Adaptable in any situation to assist staff with the task at


Strategies I have used to assist the teachers I work with, to maximize student learning.

· Initiative, flexibility, consistency and the ability to assess where my support is needed the most.


  • Prepare 'Personal Timetables' on a weekly basis for ESL and at-risk students.

  • Requested by Speech Therapist to demonstrate an 'Individual Learning Program' to a fellow aide.

  • Requested by Speech Therapist to demonstrate 'Word Shark', a computer program that reinforces reading and spelling, to a fellow aide.

Ø Deliver Individual Speech Therapy Programs to students.

Ø Offer to work with EAL students one-on-one using resources provided by the Noble Park Language School.

Ø Offer suggestions to modify activities to cater for student varying levels.

Ø Give students home learning related to sessions to accelerate progress.

Ø Give students spelling sheets (’Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’) to reinforce words they have difficulty with and I provided the teachers with copies of this sheet for their use.

Ø Schedule 9 STA sessions times a week with students and if necessary, ask teachers to rearrange students into different groups to utilise my time effectively and efficiently to carry out sessions, as well as be available to support students in Workshops, Target Teaching and Projects.

Ø Schedule STA sessions Monday to Thursday so that I am available on Fridays to support students to complete their work and ensure that they are transferring their skills learnt in our sessions, into the classroom.

Ø Discuss positive strategies to encourage students to make strong choices and achieve behavioural goals.

Ø Suggested extra tick on ‘Behaviour Chart’ for student to encourage nightly reading and physical exercise i.e. 3 laps of the basketball court every morning before 9am.

Ø Encourage student responsibility and independence.

Ø Consistency with consequences incurred.

Ø Liaise with parents to ensure consistency exists between home and school.

Ø Ensure that students are borrowing books at their level that will challenge them.

Ø Communicate student progress in STA sessions.

Ø Teachers expressed a need for a dictionary for the Grade 4 students. Provided a dictionary from my resources and made copies for most of the Grade 4 students. Vanessa helped me laminate and bind them.

Contributions I have made to the school beyond the classroom.

  • Production.
  • Assisted with the 'Crazy Disco'.
  • Gala Sport Days.
  • Fundraisers.
  • School events i.e. Neon Disco, Winter Wonderland Disco.
  • After school preparation for Wakakirri i.e. backdrops, costumes.
  • Wakakirri finals at Hamer Hall.
  • Out of hours Staff Meetings.
  • First Aid and Yard Duty.
  • Administrative duties.
  • Library duties.

Goals I have set for myself next year.

· Make time to attend PDs in 2014.

· Continue to improve my ICT skills.

· Attend more Staff Meetings.