Derps of Tomorrow

By Mason, Zyron, and Rayna.



Pac Man


John Cena

Will these 4 friends be funny enough

to make each other smile or a tiny bit

even laugh?

John Cena: Uhhhhg! How will I ever laugh?

Pillow: You shall be forced to laugh!

Steve: Wait, what!?!?

Pac Man: Yeah! Let´s go on the swings!

Steve: Nahh, too dull.

Pillow: Mustache time!

Everybody: *puts on a mustache and takes a picture*

John Cena: How about we go to McDonalds?

Everybody: Yeah!

Pillow: Let´s ride on the rear end!

Steve: That means backwords?

Pac Man: Yeah!

Steve: I call the burgers!

Pillow: I want fries!

John Cena: I want everything!

Pillow: Let´s go!

john Cena: After that we´ll go to Dave and Buster´s!

Everyone: We shall become world famous clowns!

Everyone: We are on our way! Woohoo! Let´s go!

John Cena