Crazy smart birds

By:Dorothy Aulenbacher

I think dodos were very smart,some say dodos were dumb because of their name dodo. I will tell you how smart they were,if you don't believe me now you will by the time you finish reading this.

What the dodos did

Dodos lost the ability to fly because they had no natural enemies,on the island of Mauritius. They didn't always run away, (you see there were three kinds of dodos) they were much to curious about the sailors.

Why the dodos did it

The dodos swallowed stones to help digest the foods that they ate. Dodos weighed about fifty pounds. I think it was because of the stones they swallowed. Dodos had a big beak about nine inches long to swallow stone.

Why the dodos

I don't think the dodos put up much of a fight. Dodos were said to have tasted terrible.Did you know that the dodos are related to the pigeons.

Why the dodos aren't here to day

Dodos couldn't fly,plus they were all killed with in just fifty years after knowing mankind. One big thing that people miss judge them most about is their name dodo which means dumb or crazy, but their sicentific name is Raphus Cucullatus.
So in conclusion the dodos did what they did because of their environment. The dodos aren't here to day because they were all killed off about five hundred years ago. So now you know why I believe that the dodos were smart birds. I hope you agree with me by now. Tell your family and friends all about how smart the dodos were.


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