This Week in Room 204

December 7-11

Counting Collections

With some brave students and one brave teacher, watch videos on conferences I had with students about their counting collection. The goal of counting collections is that students become well versed with one to one correspondence and number sense. I teach a number of useful strategies in order for them count efficiently and accurately. They get to choose to use whichever strategies make sense to them and that they feel they will be successful. Feel free to practice at home. Another thing to practice at home is to ask your child to share their thinking. It's just as powerful to hear their thinking as it is for them to be able to voice why they counted the way they did.

Watch as some students share their thinking with me...scholarly students!

Computer Science in Kindergarten!

Hour of Code

Ever heard of Coding? This week is Computer Science Week in the Tustin Unified School District. Each teacher is spending time in our classrooms introducing all students to learn computer science, programming, and coding....even kindergarten students. Mrs. Ramirez, our school's digital coach, came to teach a lesson on how to use Bee Bot. Watch the video below.

Students are also using two kid-friendly apps that focus on coding to solve puzzles.

The first app is called Bee Bot, where the goal is to help a bee get to a flower. Click below to learn.

The second app is called Kodable. Children are encouraged to use this program to learn programming curriculum geared to their age group. Click on the link below to learn more about this app.

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Winter Party

December 18 will be a day that your child will remember! They will enjoy a number of activities, a movie, hot cocoa, and popcorn. Mrs. Wilson, our room mom, will be sending more information as the winter party nears. Children are encouraged to dress in their favorite (and appropriate) pajamas to get even more in the spirit. If all of our class participates in wearing jammies, maybe we will get the coveted Spirit Trophy for a second month! The kids were THRILLED to win the trophy last week after jersey day.
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Friday, Dec. 18th, 8:15-11:30am

3817 Viewpark Avenue

Irvine, CA

All Kinders are to come at 8:15 am-11:38 am wearing pajamas! It'll be a fun morning!