The Fisherman

Chigozie Obioma

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literary devices

Chizogie Obioma used literary divices like suspense and illusion to make the reader enjoy and understand his book more. He was able to create a story that felt real and was involving to the readers. It's when the author uses things like conflict and point of view to enhance the story. The Fisherman's story was seen in the eyes of Ben, and since Ben is still at the age where defying his mother is almost like a crime to him and he worships his parents, because we see the story through his eyes when his brother Ikenna and Boja begin to disobey thier mother he is always taken back and scared of his brother because he does not know what his brother has changed into to be able to disobey his mother. That is what creates the reoccurring theme of anger in his brother Ikenna and since he is a role model Ben begins to get comfortable with the fact that his brother can do what he wants and disobey his parents so as the story goes on the interactions seem less and less aggressive because Ben becomes used to the fighting and yelling just like it is a normal day, but if you would see it in someone else's eyes like Boja maybe Ikenna would seem more aggressive towards thier mother and Boja would be taking thier mothers side just because him and Ikenna have the disagreements.

The author made the characters very fleshed out and all had charaistics that separated them from each other. The oldest brother Ikenna has the similarities to a alpha male like a lion, he is the oldest which gives him authority over his younger brothers, it's little things like having an alpha male figure in the book that make the characters so much more interesting to read about. Ben was the innocent little boy who's eyes and innocence you saw the story through was a respectful character because he was young and his mind was ready to soak up all the information people would give to him so he was always listening to what people had to say and followed the actions of others.

The setting is what creates the second layer to the story and characters by showing the financial situation they were surrounded by and also the time in was placed in, this didn't take place last week it was a couple decades ago and that shows how Nigeria's economy and religious beliefs effected the way people live there lives, you see this when instead of going to the police to complain about Abulu's predictions Ikenna and his brothers are taking to church by there mother. When and where a story takes places changes how the reader will understand different parts, I found some points I had to re-read because the way live their lives is so much more different compared to how I live mine and how I handle different situations.

I was very impressed how Chizogie Obioma was able to use his literary devices correctly and make his story so involving that I didn't want to put it down.

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