Painting in Photoshop!!

Brooke Sherrell's Indepenent Study Project

Why Paint?

The reason I chose to learn more about painting realistically in Photoshop is basically because I have seen SO many GREAT examples of Photoshop art and I know almost nothing about ho to do it! Also, as many of you know, I really love art and would like to work at Bethesda Studios as a Graphic Designer/ Animator. Knowing how to realistically do art on advanced computer programs will help me in the future when I attempt to work there. In my opinion, Photoshop isn't just about enhancing photos, it's also about creating them.

Here are the "Projects" I Completed:

The first project I created was attempting to create realistic hair. I thought this project would be a good start because I could learn how to get brush strokes with a mouse under control! Through this project, I learned more in depth about how to modify brush presets and why that is important. Lastly, I have learned how to use the mixer brush tool, which slightly blends the colors while painting so the new colors don't pop out as much.

The second project I made was creating clouds. The main lesson learned of this project was how to use the brush opacity to your advantage. You needed to create layers, not the usual Photoshop layers, but more of overlapping paint strokes in order to gradually make things darker. The hardest part of this project was trying to get the opacity of the cloud shadows correctly. If is was too high, the paint looks overly defined and doesn't look natural. If the opacity was too low, the shadow would barely show up.

The final project I completed was the eye. In this project, I used all of the tools that I had learned from the previous projects, and some new tools like the 2-B pencil tool. Did you know that the pencil tool actually wears down like a normal pencil and you have to sharpen it? I thought that realism was really cool. Another tool I used was the color replacement tool, which Kristin actually showed me. I used it to bring color the the eye once I drew it the way I wanted. The last thing this project taught me was how to paint good reflections and shadows using a softer brush.

How I would like to continue...

While I was completing this independent study project, I accidentally discovered that there is a 3-D mode in Photoshop! You can actually make 3-D objects and do thing like rotating them! This fascinated me, but I had to stick to paint for this project. So, I want to continue with paint by adding it to those 3-D models.

Web Page I used...

I used this website:

Is has ALL of the tutorials for Photoshop you could possibly need! It has thousands of tutorials to search for! (I searched "paint")