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Week of September 26, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys selection this week was entitled, Mi Familia. We focused on the comprehension skill of comparing and contrasting story details.
  • We learned how to use a glossary to find the meaning of words. We also learned how a dictionary is different than a glossary and also talked about their similarities.


  • The children chose a topic from their Tiny Topics Tablet to write a Small Moment story.
  • We read Owl Moon and discussed the Jane Yolen's writing techniques as well as how we could model Yolens writing in our own stories.
  • As writer's, we learned how to stretch out our story by adding more interesting details.


  • During Math, we have been learning how to skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's
  • We studied the number grid and depicted various number patterns.
  • To help us learn more about the value of coins, we learned to play the Exchange Game...exchanging pennies for nickels and nickels for dimes. The object of the game is to end up with the most dimes.
  • One of our Fun Friday Math Centers was Shut the Box. We learned how to play the board game of Shut the Box, then the children played the game on the iPads using the Shut the Box app.

Social Studies

  • To reinforce our understanding of communities, the children worked in partner groups to make their own communities.
  • The children drew places where people live, work, play, and solve problems. Stay tuned for the completed community building projects!

Other Activities

  • We met with our 4L Buddies. The fourth graders interviewed their buddies to get to know them better. 2MU also took the opportunity to ask their buddies questions to get better acquainted.


Practicing Reading Accurately

The children read a story with a parnter, practicing how to read accurately. Many students also used our partner reading method ~ EEKK ~ Reading with a partner Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee!

Reading~ Reviewing Vocabulary Words by playing KABOOM!

Kaboom is a review game which can be utilized in any subject area. To review this week's vocabulary words, the children played the game in small groups. Each child picks a stick and then either uses the word on their stick in a sentence, gives the meaning of the word, or gives a gesture for the word. Play continues until someone picks the stick that says, "Kaboom." Once the Kaboom stick is drawn, the children place all the sticks back into the cup and start the game over. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Social Studies ~ Creating Our Own Communities

Meeting Our 4L Buddies

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Our 2MU Friends Who Met the Summer Challenge!

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Mrs. Murphy's Grandchildren~ Francesca Rose and John William

Star Student of the Week~ Mrs. Murphy

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