Martin Luther King Jr.

'I have a dream'


He got help from John F. Kenndy the President to fight against Civil right.

Lead a fight against the Montgomery from the bus seating and other rules

He gave a speech called "I have a dream" in Washington D.C..Thousands of people came.Then he lead them and fight the Montgomery bus rules.


Martin got shot from Carl Ray James in 1968 April 4th.People call him Dr.King because

"Dr" means edutedcated man.He went to different segation public schools.Martin's

went to Ebenezer church.His grandfather began the family's long tenture.


Martin Luther King Jr was born January 15,1929 in Atlanta. He followed his father's footsteps as a minister. Studying at Morehouse college, Crozer Theological seminary and earning a doctorate at Boston University's school of Theology. Martin Luther King Jr. was married to Coretta Scott King.
Martin Luther king became a minister and the civil rights movement and award a noble peace prize. He fought for his people to end raciest among black and white. He was well known for his action among African American.
He was shot by James Earl Ray because he's a not for civil right movement.
Martin Luther King Jr. was well known for his speech, " I have a dream" and today in history it is still known.


Martin Luther king was brave because he stand up for Montgomery rules.He is giving

is because he made the rules fair. And he is confident because he changed rules

and stand up for people.Also, he is hopeful because he uses wise words and became

a minister.Last, he is clever because he changed the segergation laws