Volumen 11, Edicion 1 - Agosto 18, 2017

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Hello Fronteras Families!

You may be wondering who that strikingly handsome yellow lab is and why he’s in our newsletter every other Friday. Well, you have Miss Kami to thank. As the creator of our fabulous newsletter, she suggested my photo be included with my Principal message. Not being a fan of this idea, we compromised and instead, agreed to include a fun picture of my super adorable and cooperative lab, Pickles. He loves dressing up as you can see by his excited expression each edition. I hope you enjoy his photos and fun outfits as much as I love making him wear them. Here’s to a fabulous school year!

What a great group of students! We love seeing all of our students come through the front door! Please remember, we are here to assist you in settling in, so please do not hesitate to email your child’s teachers or call the front office. All staff emails are on our website.

A couple helpful housekeeping items:

During morning drop off:

· Please pull as far forward as possible

· Ensure your child(ren) have their items ready to go and can exit the vehicle quickly

· Do not leave your vehicle – if you want to walk your child to the door, please park in the designated parking lot

· Be patient and extra attentive when driving through the parking lot

When picking up in the afternoon:

· Enter our parking lot ONLY through the entrance and exit our parking lot ONLY through the exit

· Be patient, courteous, and aware at all times while driving through our parking lot

· Do not leave your vehicle in the drive-thru lane alongside the sidewalk. This is NOT a parking zone. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in a designated spot.

When your child forgets an item for school:

· Please bring the item(s) to the front desk. We will make sure your child receives it.

When volunteering in the school:

· Please make sure to sign in at the front office prior to going to any area of the school

· All volunteers and guests are required to follow staff direction during any emergency drills that may occur

· Siblings are not allowed to be with you when volunteering at school. As a volunteer, attention must be on our students; and little one’s cries are very distracting and interfere with student learning.

Thank you for sharing your children with us! We are looking forward to a fantastic year together!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

Important Dates to Remember

  • August 25th - Professional Development - No school
  • September 1st - Vacation (Fair Day) - No school
  • September 4th - Labor Day - No school

Lice........Are Not Nice!

There have recently been some cases of head lice at Fronteras. We wanted you to be aware so that you can check your child’s head routinely.

No special equipment is needed, but good lighting is essential. Lice and their eggs (nits) can be found anywhere on the head, but are commonly found at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. To examine your child, part the hair in small sections and work your way over the scalp. Finding head lice can be difficult as they can move quickly. Adult lice are about the size of a sesame seed and are gray-white or tan in color. Eggs (nits) are tiny, oval droplets that are firmly attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp. They are often mistaken for dandruff but they do not brush off. To assist in identification, you can visit the following website to see pictures of lice and nits:

Most recent research has shown that head lice are not usually spread at school, nor do they usually start at school. They are more likely to spread in a family or at the child’s home, where there is more close contact, or at sleepovers. Sometimes we do find it in our schools, so we wanted to give you information to help you.

If you find head lice on your student they need to be treated with special shampoo and nits need to be removed. Students should stay home from school until they are egg (nit) free. Student may return to school with a note from a health care provider stating that they are nit free. Parents may take their student to family doctor, Public Health Office, neighborhood school nurse. Rebecca Ramillo at Larson is also avaible if you are unable to have your child cleared by the previous three options.

For more information here are some excellent websites with most recent research and information on head lice for you to check out.

Harvard School of Public Health website @

National Pediculosis Association @



iParent is Parent/guardian web based access to student information including registration, attendance, scheduling, discipline and grades. All enrolled student's information will be accessible with one account and you will keep the same account throughout your family’s time with the district. iParent is also recommended for registration, although you don't have to have an account to register your student!


SchoolCash Online

Not sure if your check or cash made it to the school to pay for that important field trip or activity? Who lost it? The school? you? your child? Funds weren't received, therefore, your child can't participate?

Have no fear, SchoolCash Online is here! For safety, efficiency and the reduction of cash and checks coming into our schools, the MSBSD has implemented SchoolCash Online! It takes less than 5 minutes to register to start enjoying the convenience of paying online and fast!


Blackboard MyConnect

Don't miss those important messages! Blackboard MyConnect enables you to manage your contact information and subscriptions for ConnectEd messages!


School Dismissal Manager

We have a wonderful and positive response from parents successfully using School Dismissal Manager (SDM)! What is SDM? SDM utilizes web based technology (desktop or mobile), allowing parents to communicate to schools their child’s dismissal/bus plans for the day making it safer, easier, and quicker. No more notes or phone calls!

SDM sent families an email earlier this week with necessary information to access SDM. Parents/guardians of Fronteras students no longer need to call the front office to make changes to their child’s afternoon dismissal plans. You will do it all at your convenience!

Visit today to download the app or visit Kami at the front desk for a personal demonstration!

Thank you for being Fronteras SDM rockstars!

After School Enrichment Clubs

Quarter 1 After School Enrichment Clubs will start on Tuesday, September 5th. Sign-ups will be held online on Thursday, August 24th, starting at 12:00pm. Forms will be sent home with students on Monday, August 21st. If you are interested in leading a club, please contact Jen Manion at 907-229-4116. Extra forms can be found at the front desk.

Library Corner

Welcome back Fronteras families and congratulations to our new kindergarten families joining us! The library is getting ready for the students and there's lots to do. Our library is run on parent volunteers and now is a great time to join our team. Would you like to help in your student's library class? Do you enjoy working with books, shelving or processing labels? If you are interested in helping in the library, please contact Jody at or contact the front desk.

Recycling News

We are looking for parent volunteers to help with our recycling crew! We ask parent volunteers to take materials from the school to the recycling center. A truck is helpful but not necessary. Last year we started a 4/5 student crew that committed to giving up their Friday recess. Permission slips will go home in class for interested students. Please contact Jody at for more information.

APC Board

The APC Board would like to welcome everyone back to school! A special welcome to our newest faculty additions, Mr. Dejarlais and Mr. McBride.

The APC Board works in partnership with our Administrator, Mrs. Hutchins, to uphold the intention and direction of our Charter. We are currently made up of parents and staff, but have positions available for several community members as well. We have elections for the Board every Spring and are always looking for new members. The Board meets every other month and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

Currently we are working through a review of policies and bylaws in early preparation for our Charter renewal in 2023. Also, we asked parents last year if they would be interested in some Spanish support and the overwhelming response was yes! So, in partnership with the Spanish Tutor team, over the next month we will be providing interested parents with learning packets. In addition, we plan to meet every 4-6wks simply as an opportunity for Spanish conversation and Q/A time. We will have a fluent Spanish speaker join us.

The APC Board wants to serve as a body that can answer questions or concerns from any member of our community. You can always email me personally, or any member of the board and we would be happy to chat. All our information can be found on the Fronteras website.

Thank you!

Heather Charton

APC Chair


Subway forms will be sent home with students the first week of September. With options such as gluten free and grade appropriate portions, Subway is a great alternative once a week to get a break from the usual "sack lunch". Subway orders are due every Tuesday at 3:00. No exceptions can be made. Subway forms are to be turned in to the front desk with cash or check. Checks made payable to Subway. Extra forms are available on our website or at the front desk. Eat Fresh!

Cross Country

The cross country team is looking for volunteers that would be willing to run after school. What a great way to earn volunteer hours! (36 hours of volunteer time per school year)

If you are interested in helping out, the cross country team meets every day after school rain or shine from 2:35-3:40. You can volunteer every day or whatever fits your schedule.

Please contact the front office or our amazing cross country coach and music teacher extrodinare Mr. Desjarlais by email at

Middle School Cross Country Meet Schedule:

8/24 @ Colony hosted by Redington

8/31 @ Colony

9/12 @ Palmer

9/20 @ Palmer hosted by Wasilla

Girls start at 3:00PM

Boys start at 3:40PM

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Volunteers Chris Pierce and Michael Hutchins install additional lockers for our growing student population!

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Did You Know?

Mexico is home to the volcano rabbit - This is a very rare rabbit which lives near Mexican volcanoes. It is the world's second smallest rabbit (the smallest is the Pygmy rabbit). It has short, thick fur, short legs and small rounded ears. Unfortunately, these little gems are on the endangered species list. One of the reasons is that they live on active volcanoes.
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