Aquatic Ecosystems

Bailey and Kayla


Freshwater ecosystems are apart of the earths ecosystems and include lakes, ponds , rivers, streams, springs, and wetlands. The freshwater ecosystems have very little salt content.

There are two different classifications of freshwater, lentic and lotic ecosystems.

There are many different types of plants and animals living in the freshwater ecosystems.

Animals: The Red-Sided Dace, The Great Egret, Eastern Diamondback, Coahuilan Box Turtle.

Plants: Green River Grasses, Long-Stemmed Water Lillies

Brackish Water (briny water)

Brackish water has more salt than freshwater but not as much as salt water. Brackish water is the result of mixing freshwater with sea water. Brackish water is harmful to the growth of plants and can damage the environment. The salinity of brackish water is anywhere between .5%-3%.

Animals: Flounder, Seabass, mullet, and smelt fish.

Plants: Red and Green Tiger Lotus,

Salt Water

It is the saltiest, and has a salinity of 3.5%. Sea water freezes at -2 degrees Celsius. The most saline open sea is the Res Sea. Sea water has more dissolved ions than other types of water.

Animals: Fish, Dolphins, Sharks, whales

Plants: Kelp, Sea grasses, mangroves, and sargassum