CSR for a Better Malaysia

We are Bounce Back Malaysia

Uniting Malaysians to bounce back to greatness and kindness for a better Malaysia

We Are Bounce Back Malaysia

Inspiring Malaysian Youths to Bounce Back to Positive Living & Contribution

As you know Malaysians especially our youths are going through 2 very tough years of disasters, social conflicts, high stress, and ever sky-rocketing costs of living, Bounce Back Malaysia would like to collaborate with top brands to inspire to Malaysian Youths to bounce back, dream bigger, and help build a positive, better Malaysia.

From our case studies and surveys, the best way to overcome negativity and adversity is NOT to fight it, but to “distract” people from going further into depression, despair, and disappointment – by focusing and involving people in fun and fulfilling activities that create meaning, harmony, good feelings, love, and kindness.

This is just a quick introduction. A more detailed proposal and further fine-tuning from input from all parties will be developed as we progress.

Bounce Back Malaysia is a CSR initiative under ChangeU International. It has the full backing and expert support of ChangeU & its subsidiaries in alumni volunteers, event management, PR, media, social influencers, talent recruitment, consulting, learning, and strong leadership culture.

Where to find us:

USA: +1213 325 3286

Hong Kong, China & East Asia: +852 8121 2968

Singapore & S.E. Asia: +65 3163 2486
Malaysia: +603 7732 8628


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High Impact CSR Projects - Making a Difference in Malaysians' Lives

Overall objectives:

To uplift Malaysian Youths who are going through 2 bad years of air crashes, flood, and earthquake disasters, and well as a year when the cost of living had risen so much that more and more youths are feeling depressed and defeated.

12 Categories & 19 Projects

Contests [ ] Youth Best CSR Idea for a Better Malaysia Contest

Videos [ ] Social Experiment Videos

Acts of Kindness [ ] “Touch a Heart” Weekly Activities

e.g. paying someone’s packing tickets

Festival Giveaway [ ] Chinese New Year Angpow CSR Project

[ ] Hari Raya Duit Raya

[ ] Deepavali

[ ] Christmas Giftaway

OSHA [ ] Self Defense & Safety Awareness OSHA initiative

Theme Days [ ] Zoo Day (animal conservation awareness)

[ ] Tree Day

[ ] Kindness Day

Eco-Cleaning [ ] Public park, waterfall, tourist beach

Roadshows [ ] Awareness Roadshows

Learning [ ] Bounce Back Talks & Conference

[ ] Bounce Back Youth LeadershipCamp

Reading [ ] Bounce Back Stories Book

Reality TV Show [ ] The Bounce Back Show (individual cases)

[ ] The Organizational Bounce Back Show

Short Films [ ] Bounce Back Story Short Films

About Bounce Back Malaysia

Bounce Back Malaysia (aka BBM) as a nation-wide CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative under the ChangeU International, Asia’s #1 change experts. BBM is the Organizer of BBM events, activities, and BBM Crew and volunteers.

It is a part of a fast growing global community- Bounce Backers (International). It is non-religious, non-racial, non-political, and non-judgmental.


To unite Malaysians for a better, loving Malaysia.

Mission & Objectives

To spread positivity and acts of kindness, and to inspire Malaysians & Youths to bounce back from crises, adversities, disappointments, failures, and to achieve new heights of greatness.


Unity, Love, Truth, Positivity, Change, and Greatness.