Pensacola Homeless Outreach

Today, Bitcoin Fed 43 Homeless People

Last night, half-heartedly, I made a post commenting on the hoopla surrounding the meteoric rise of the Bitcoin. It was off the cuff, because a lot of the comments I was reading were of the opinion that Bitcoin was a toy. That the current exchange rate, was over inflated, and that somehow it's vale wasn't real.

I made a simple analogy and challenge. 1 BTC would pay for sack lunches for 40 homeless people in Pensacola, FL. I would gladly make the value of Bitcoin, very real, and very tangible. If someone was gracious enough to donate 1 BTC we would turn it into the feeding of 40 other humans.

Well, we didn't feed 40 people with 1 Bitcoin...we fed 43.

Overnight, we were humbled by the donation of 6 BTC.

We sold these 6 locally (surprisingly easily) for a strike price of $54 each.

Net income, $324. That's 259.2 Meals, here in the real world.

Fun fact, In the time between posting and cashing out BTC increased, 3 meals worth per unit.


We actually had a hard time feeding 43 people today. We had the meals, but on our initial pass through, we could only find 32 takers. Apparently, a bunch of homeless guys were arrested last night. The ordinance will say different, but it's essentially for being poor and having no home.

It's really hard living on the street.

Anyway, we kept hunting and found a bunch of guys hold up under the fishing pier by the Pensacola Bay.

43 meals delivered. 1 day. 1 Bitcoin.

I think that's pretty real value, and I know 43 people who would agree.

Thank you to everyone. Thanks reddit, /r/bitcoin, hacker news, the guy who suggested we try to sell local, the thousand site visitors and most importantly to the people who donated.

Ninja256, thanks for being the first one through the wall. Velarpinch, you are on deck for meals. CasualRedditReader and PhraustByte, you guys are coming later in the week. And the two Anon donors...thank you so much.

I've learned a lot about Bitcoin in the last day. And I think there is a good correlation between helping the homeless and Bitcoin. You don't need anyone's permission or authority to do it.

If anyone still wants to donate, I'm not going to turn your money away. And you really can help alot of people. Oh, and right now 1 BTC will feed 45 homeless :-)


Thanks everyone,

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