religions flyers

The christans belive in the god(of Abraham-yawey) and some of the frst prophets was Abraham there holy book is caled the bible. The bible has two testamants in it the old testamant and the new testamant.They have lots of key beliefs. One of them is prayer,trinity-father,son,holy spirit. But mostly the declaration of faith-salvation. Some practices and rituals are babtism which is the introduction into Christanity,Holy communion-sharing of bread and wine to remember the last super. The place of worship is named a church. The sects are catholic,or orthodox and protastant is (not catholic).Some holy days,holidays andworship days are Sunday-worship day,christamas holiday and it is the birth of christ another holiday is easter when jesus died on the crose and rose from the dead.the last is the common holy site-bethlehem birth of jesus christ,and jerusalem.