The Kids are Home... Now What?

Advice for Parents

Making the most of school closure

Dear Parents,

Although your children are working remotely from home, the days are long when Stetson is closed. We wanted to put together some suggested resources for you to help the days pass more productively.

Good luck! and stay #StetsonStrong

Dr. Cognato

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A Sample Day with Ideas to Help Fill the Time

*disclaimer: what follows is a pretty packed day with a lot of transitions. The purpose here is not to impose a structure but to offer ideas for how to break up the time. Think of it as a menu of options; pick and choose what works for your children and your family.


Baking = great STEM learning

Looking for fun at-home STEM enrichment? Try a baking project (or any cooking, really). Use cooking as a way to discuss measurement and fractions. Is a quarter of a cup of oil different than a quarter of a cup of sugar? How many quarter cups are needed for one cup? What would that same measurement be in grams?

After you've done all the measuring, then you can think about the chemistry of cooking. At what temperature does butter melt? Or water boil? You and your child can generate hundreds of questions and answers about math and science by the simple act of making cookies.

Then, once those cookies are made, there are all kinds of story problems! If everyone in the family gets an equal number of cookies, how many cookies does each person get? What about the ethical dimensions of cookie-making? Who should get the most? The person who cooks? Who cleans? Who buys the groceries? Or should everyone get an equal amount?

Great topics for studying together

Here are three topics you could research with your child that we've also been exploring at school, they are only suggestions, NOT REQUIRED

1) 6th Grade Science - The Plant Kingdom

2) 7th Grade English - "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

3) 8th Grade History - Ken Burns Civil War - Episode Five: The Universe of Battle

Dr. C's One-Eyed Jack Recipe for Breakfast!

Take a slice of bread. Carlino's Italian bread works best :) and cut a hole in the middle the size of an egg.

Heat a pan with some butter and begin to brown the bread.

Drop a whole egg in the hole. Salt and Pepper.

After a minute or two, flip the bread/egg over and cover with a slice of American cheese.

Cook until the other side is done and the cheese is barely melted.

Enjoy with a glass of ice cold milk!