Holocaust Survivor Guest Speaker

8th grade

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 8:15am

17150 Jones Maltsberger Road

San Antonio, TX

8:20 - 9:05 8th grade Assembly in the Cafeteria

*8th grade parents are welcome to attend.

Rose Sherman Williams

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When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Rose Sherman’s life as a twelve year old was changed forever. Over the course of 6 years, she was forced out of her home to live in a ghetto, separated from her family to work in an ammunition factory, sent to Auschwitz where she lived in horrible conditions, and was forced to march to Bergen-Belson, before being liberated by British troops in On April 15, 1945.

We are very lucky to be able to have Mrs. Williams come speak to students about her personal experience during the Holocaust. The 8th grade has been learning about the Holocaust through their English classes. Students spent 4 days in the library researching various aspects of World War II and the Holocaust to prepare for reading the critically acclaimed memoir Night by Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel. We believe that hearing Mrs. William's testimony firsthand will be a powerful and meaningful learning experience.

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Donation Request

The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio has coordinated our visit with Mrs. Williams at no cost, but there is a suggested donation of $1 per student. The museum relies on donations to continue to provide high quality educational programs, tours, and speakers for schools and other organizations; offer professional development workshops to advance teacher education; continue their educational trunk loan program which provides classrooms with Holocaust related resources free of charge, and much more.

If you are able, please consider sending a donation to school with your student to turn into their English teacher. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Donations will be collected from now until February 10th.

For More Information

Please contact librarian Erika Murray at emurra@neisd.net or (210) 356-3204.