Marathon Fundraiser

LIFE 2013 Student Conference

Raising Student Scholarship Support

I (Chad Disorda) am running in the Vermont City Marathon on Sunday, May 26th (in Burlington) to help raise more scholarship support for students that need extra assistance to go to LIFE 2013. LIFE 2013 is a once every 3 year conference where students across the nation and world gather for finding renewal in Christ. RENEWAL is the theme this year of the conference in St Louis, MO. This is a last call for support before the marathon. I am aiming to collect 20 people's support at a dollar a mile, so $26.20. If you can support me, please Facebook message me and checks can be made out to and mailed directly to Community Alliance Church, 190 Pond Road, Hinesburg, VT, 05461. Please note that the memo line must say LIFE Scholarship. Thank you.