Ricchezza's Weekly News

March 31 thru April 4, 2014

Spring Break is Coming Next Week!

Today (March 31) we start a new benchmark - there are only two of them left. However, this benchmark is, well, weird. See, in the middle of this one someone stuck this Spring Break thing.

How does this work? Well, check this out.

This week (March 31 thru April 4), you can turn in work from the March 28 benchmark for late credit (10% penalty per day, not accepted after Friday at midnight).

Next week (April 7-11) is Spring Break for GaVS.

The week after that (April 14-18) is the other half of this benchmark. So all the work from March 31 thru April 18 is due April 18 by midnight. More on Spring Break in a second.

Office Hour Wednesday at 7pm and Tuesday at 11am

I will be online at this site on Wednesday at 7pm to go over whatever anyone needs. In addition, I'll also be online Tuesday at 11am, as some students have commitments on Wednesday evenings (I normally would do Wednesday at 11 but I have a routine doctor's appointment at that time).

News and Notes

  • During Spring Break, you are not expected to log on to the site, check school email, or do work for class. However, if you want to do that, you can. As far as I know the school site will work, and they will presumably post any maintenance they plan to do.
  • I am also on Spring Break, so please let me rest. If you need me, send an email - I will check it.
  • Being on Spring Break for GaVS does not have anything to do with your other school (if any) and if your other school has a break at a different time, it has nothing to do with us! If you depend on school access for computers, be aware it is on YOU to make arrangements for sufficient computer access. Our 4/18 benchmark is due by 4/18, and if you have a different spring break, that's NOT considered a good excuse!
  • Anyone in Physical Science B who sent me an email this week about the Alien Juice Bar lab basically told me they don't read their email or news feed. I really would prefer that before you send me an email about the work (such as a link that doesn't work) you perhaps might want to check and see if I already sent the answer you wanted to see. Nothing makes teachers happier than answering a question that helps someone. Nothing annoys a teacher faster than students who don't read instructions, and my emails and news posts qualify.
  • Physical Science students, be aware that the EOCT is coming soon - sometime in the next five weeks or so, depending on where you go to school. It covers the A semester too! So remember to review that and ask me any questions you may have. I don't have time to do it in class but if you want to ask me, I'm here to help.
  • The GATORS are in the Final Four! GO GATORS!