The King Star

Blue or white star

In the constellation Leo, it is the brightest star in Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night sky

It is a main sequence star

It is around 1 gyr and is approximately 79 light years from Earth

Luminosity: 82,944

temp: 52,460k

Mass: 14.44


After Main Sequence it will become a red super giant

A star that has the most volume but not the most massive and can last 10 to 100 million years and most have around 1500 times larger radii of that of the suns.

Then it will go supernova and turn into a neutron star

A supernova is an explosion that radiates as much heat as the sun or any ordinary star over its life time.

A neutron star is a star that after a gravitational collapse and is a small star that weighs twice as much as the sun and has a radius of 7 miles