Road Trips with an Awesome God!

Adrienne & Jeremy Penner - serving with MB Mission

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(That means Hello in Burmese)

This last month has been a whirlwind!!!

We have had the privilege of speaking in Roblin, Swift Current, and Boissevain churches in the past month (A huge thank you to all three churches! It was a privilege to connect with you all!). Spending time with these passionate communities of faith has blessed us and encouraged us so much! We get to see the body of Christ all across the prairies, and watch how they are all bringing the gospel to their towns and provinces. God is moving in Canada just like He is moving around the world; He has a desire to see the people of this nation come back to Him! I believe that God is still in the business of changing lives, and the incredible thing is that He invites US, His children, to be a part of the process! He is inviting us all to step out of our comfort zones, and step into the God zone, where we are completely surrendered to His will, and are willing to do whatever it takes to see lost people come home!

I feel like since January we have been on a Road trip with God; we are putting more miles on our vehicle than anyone i know, travelling to a different town or province nearly every weekend. We have met so many amazing leaders and passionate followers of Christ, and we are amazed at how the Hand of God is at work in the prairies. Our eyes are constantly looking forward to Thailand and Burma, to the people and ministry that we've fallen in love with, but I feel like God is reminding us that we still have a purpose here in Canada for the few months that we are here. He is teaching us patience, and humility, and we are learning so much about His incredible provision. When we say that Jesus walks with us through life, it's truer than we often realize! Jesus has been in the car with us as we travel on the road. He's been encouraging us through scripture and through people whenever we get worn out. His love and care has sustained us, and will continue to carry us as we transition to Thailand. What an Incredible, Awesome God we serve!

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Romans 12:1

Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship.
200 years ago, the gospel was brought to Burma for the first time by a missionary named Adoniram Judson. He was a man who understood the love of Christ, and who understood how in our life we have to make Jesus the anchor. He lost 2 wives, 7 children, and over a dozen missionary colleagues in his 30 years on the field - he translated the bible, planted dozens of churches, and saw over 50,000 people saved! All because he never gave up, and trusted God in every circumstance. In looking at his life, I see a man who was carried by the love of Christ, and who understood that the only way to keep moving forward was to trust in the God that he served with everything that he had.

That is an incredible encouragement! God can use each of us to do amazing things for His kingdom, if we will only trust Him, step out in faith, and are willing to be carried by Him.

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Burmese meal with the Roblin EMC youth group!

Praying for Partners!

Just a few days ago, we got our acceptance into Thai language school in Lopburi! It is so exciting to be able to do some language study in Thai before we dive into learning Burmese. So we are praying big prayers and trusting God since the semester starts August 2nd. To launch by August we need 100% of our funding in. We know that it will take a miracle for God to get us to Asia in time, but miracles are kind of His specialty!

We are still looking for people to join our team and financially support the ministry that God has called us to in Thailand and Burma! The project that we are going out under is nearing the 50% marker, and we are so excited; we also realize that we cannot do this without you. We want to invite you as our family and friends to pray about how God is calling you to support us and MB Mission monthly. Remember, no amount is too small for God to use!

The simplest ways to send in support is by taking our prayer card, cutting it in half, filling out the one side and mailing it in to the address on the back (easy as pie!), or by clicking the link below to fill out the online form.

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Our new home come August 2nd!

Connect With Us!

The next few months are busy busy busy! If any of you want to connect with us, let us know! Or, come on by at any of the places we'll be in the next while:

May 8 - Linden AB

May 13 & 14 - Awake Alberta

May 29 - Fort Gary MB, Winnipeg

June 5 - Manitou MB

June 12 - Steinbach MB

June 26 - Selkirk MB

Prayer Requests and Praise Items!

Praise God that He is moving in Canada!

Praise God that the churches in Thailand and Burma are continuing to grow

Pray that our project will be fully funded so that we can make it to Thailand by August

Pray for us as we travel through the prairies and speak in churches

Pray that we will continue to trust in God's provision and plan

Pray for the Holy Spirit to use us as we speak to people and encourage them

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