Welcome to Sain

Best place you will ever be.


I have a communism for a economic system. The benefit of my economic system is that people will pay taxes for free health and service .


I am Stephany Cuellar and I am the president of Sain. I will make sure every one has what they need. In this country people will start working at 15 years old at a flexible schedule. All people will get paid the same based on their job placement . People can by things in stores,online or in a garage sale. People can also sell things in thrift stores,online, and in garage sells.


people can also start their own buisness

Thank you

I hope you would want to move to Sain. Their are a lot of special things you could do in this country. I have heard no bad comments from people in the or outside the country and I hope you have no bad comments ether.