4 Day Served

“Board of Directors “XL Unison Retirement

JAKARTA , KOMPAS - Some " official helm " in PT XL Axiata simultaneously ended his term , ranging Chief Executive Officer , Chief Commerce Officer , Chief Service Management Officer , and Chief Digital Services Officer , starting on Friday ( 28/11 / 2014 ). They ended his term for four days at the telecommunications company.

Of course, that retirement is not Hasnul Suhaimi which still serves as CEO of PT XL Axiata or other directors, but four students were selected in the Board of Directors Challenge program which challenged to live as directors.

They are Anthony Soehartono, Hasnan Chatim, Claristy, and Akhsani Indra Waskita. Over the past four days, four students are challenged replace the task of the board of directors XL.

Anthony replaces Willem Timmermans as Chief Digital Services Officer, replacing Hasnan Ongki Kurniawan as Chief Service Management Officer, and Claristy replace Rashad Javier Sanchez, who acted as Chief Commerce Officer. Hasnul position as CEO was replaced temporarily by Akhsani.

During the challenge, the students accompany directors to carry out their duties, began meeting, strategizing, and even received an award, as did Akhsani in Singapore. The intensity of the work and the challenges that must be done to make them no time to enjoy the style of the directors are provided, ie, stay in luxury apartments and shuttle using a car worth USD 700 million.

“In fact, the burden shall we live only 10 percent of that actually made ​​by the directors, “said Anthony.

Johnson Chan, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Partnership XL Axiata said that this initiative is the first time carried out to find the seeds of future leaders.

Four students from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Institute of Business Management, and the University of Indonesia are the result of the filter is done on 2,000 more applicants.

“We were quite surprised because they provide ideas that can be implemented by the company, “he said.

Claristy said he feels lucky to be able to participate in this program because the gain valuable experience as well as the mindset of the directors in managing a company.

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