Sectionalism and Industrialization

By: Madison Smith

Cotton Gin

The cotton gin was created by Eli Whitney to make cotton picking easier at the time slavery was coming to an ended but then they began using slaves more the cotton gin separated the seeds from there cotton fibers. After that the cotton was then used for making clothes and other cotton made material.

War of 1812

The war lasted for two and a half years the war was between the United States and Great Britain during the war both sides suffered many losses and even burned the White House down. The Treaty of Ghent was finally singed on December 24,1814 which stated that nobody lost any territories in the war. The war official ended on February 17,1815 when the US Congress ratified the treaty.

Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise was a United States federal statute devised by Henry Clay .Request of Missouri late in 1819 for admission as a state in which slavery would be permitted. At the time the United States only contained 22 states evenly divided between slave and free.