Trip to florda

Leaving my mom behind for seven days

“Now if you ever need anything or think something is going you call me ok”my mom said. I told my mom it was going to be ok but inside I was just as nervous as she was. The reason why I was so nervous is because it was the first time I had ever gone somewhere without my mom and I had a very very big percussion/ensemble to look forward to.So, all I had to practice with is the times I got the chance,my memory and a video of me playing the songs that's it .I was going on a road trip from Kansas City Missouri to Destin Florida with my dad's side of the family aka the Kidwell’s.

Road trip

Tuesday, Oct. 7th 2014 at 9pm

Destin, FL, United States

Destin, FL

There was white sandy beaches with ocean blue water. It was like the definition of beautiful. The house that we rented was tall and white/tan and had a cruft roof, with a pool in the back and two flights of stairs.

What we did in our seven days in Florida

1- We got into the car and went to Florida and went to our Tennessee hotel.

2- Our family went to the house we rented in Florida and got moved in and went to the beach.

3- we were at the beach all day.

4- Me and my cousins and my uncle went to this arcade.

5- Then the next day we went miniature golfing and go carting.

6- another day at the beach.

7-went back home