Propaganda Techniques

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This technique is used when a writer or speaker is urging readers or listeners to "jump on the bandwagon" and do what everyone else is doing. The expression had a political origin.
For Everybody - Coca-Cola Commercial


This technique uses an admired person, such as a spots celebrity or movie star, to endorse a product and hopefully influence people. It is used as a tribute to the product or idea. The famous person actually "speaks" about the product.
PhoneGuard ft. Justin Bieber - Let Them Wait


This technique is similar to TESTIMONIAL in that it uses a celebrity to influence the reader or listener. The difference is that TRANSFER uses the celebrity's picture, but there is NO verbal endorsement of the product or idea.


This technique consists of repeating a certain word, phrase or name. The writer hopes to ensure that the reader will remember the product if he or she hears it enough.
Ship My Pants

Emotional Words

This technique uses words that arouse the listener's emotions. These words may arouse positive or negative feelings as the writer may wish to be for or against something or someone.
Justin Bieber Black Friday commercial 2011

Name Calling

This technique is used to point out the less desirable characteristics of a product or even a person in the hopes of turning the reader against the product or person while possibly endorsing someone or something else.
Snickers commercial with Joe Pesci and Don Rickles

Faulty Cause and Effect

This technique implies that if the reader buys a particular product or follows a particular schedule, he or she will have more success.
Lysol Commercial

Compare and Contrast

This technique is used when the writer wishes to convince the reader that the product being endorsed is superior to another by comparing two.
Bounty Select-a-Size Commercial: Bag Pong