World War 2 News

By: Ashton Bartlett


The 1920's

Adolf Hitler believed that that the Germans belonged to an Aryan race which were superior to all the other races and nationalities. Already in 1920 Hitler told the Nazi regime to find land to the east. The land they found was in the Soviet Union. But to receive this land Germany had to make a plan for war against the Soviet Union. Soon after Germany defeated the Soviet Union, they made the people that used to live there be peasants.

March 9, 1935

It was more difficult for Germany to do this task because of the Treaty of Versailles because it made them limit their military power. But Hitler stressed that he wanted to get out of the contract peacefully. He said that he wanted to have peace with the neighboring European countries.

October 1935

Benito Mussolini wanted to create a new Roman Empire. Soon Mussolini’s forces invaded Europe. Because of how angered other countries where, he welcomed Hitler’s support.

March 7, 1936

Hitler was soon was convinced that the western states had no time to enforce the treaty, so he sent troops into Rhineland even though it was part of Germany, the treaty said it was demilitarized. Great Britain did not agree with the force against Germany even though German government viewed occupation in the German territory. Because of this Great Britain started to practice the policy of appeasement. This is a belief that European states satisfy reasonable demand for power.


Hitler threatened Austria with an invasion, but the Germans made the people of Austria “trust them”. But as soon as the troops came, Austria was annexed.

September 15, 1938

Hitler wanted to destruct Czechoslovakia. He then pressured people to give him the Northwestern area of Czechoslovakia which was called Sudetenland. Hitler expressed his willingness to start a second world war.

March 15, 1939

Britain and France noticed that the Soviet Union is powerful enough to take control of the Nazi's aggression. So they began to politically negotiate with the Joseph Stalin who was the dictator of the Soviet Union and also talk about their military and how well it is.

August 23, 1939

Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. In it, it says that the two states will not attack and fight against each other. So Joseph Stalin would agree Hitler promised him land in eastern Poland.

September 1, 1939

After Hitler told the world about the non-aggression pact, the people were shocked. Because if this pact, Germany could invade Poland so on September 1, 1939, Germany attacked and captured Poland. Two days later, France and Great Britain declared war on Germany.


September 18, 1931

The Japanese thought that the Chinese were responsible for the "Mukden accident" so with rapid Military advancements. The Manchuria offered many resources to the Japanese. After this situation, the Japanese became part of the expansionist policy, which is enlarging the Japanese Empire.

September 1932

The Manchuria went into separate states and renamed it Manchuko. Henry Pu Yi was as the people would say a puppet ruler that was just placed on the throne. Soon the other countries became suspicious of the activity so people sent the US to make a report but suddenly Japan dropped from the league. So all the US could do is say that nothing is wrong.

December 1936

Chiang Kai-shek tried to avoid the conflict with Japan. SO he could deal with something he thought was a greater threat, communism.


The Japanese hope that Chiang would agree to a contract called the New Deal in East Asia. That would help both China and the Japanese compromise and make a new system.

Summer in the 1940's

The US rejected the idea of war. They warned Japan that it would lead to economic sanctions, or in simpler terms, restrictions intended to enforce international laws.


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